WOD 07-21-2014

Surprise WOD
32 Minute Cut Off

Mobility: 3-your choice

We had a great time at the final team competition on Saturday. Thanks to everyone who came out to participate. It is always fun seeing everyone put their fitness to the test. I am looking forward to the next competition. Winners will be announced tomorrow.



  1. So…what’s the WOD?

  2. Casey S says:

    Nothing with a 32 minute cutoff can end well. I.Hate.Surprises.

  3. What are y’all talking about?! 32-minute cutoff? Saved by the bell! Bring it on!

  4. Is it 32 minutes of mobility? So like laying around on a foam roller? Man thats my jam.

  5. Walking and lying down were my “mobility.”