WOD 07-26-2011

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 of the following couplet:

Power Snatch 95/65#

Burpee with lateral bar jump

Skill: 10 Muscle Ups or 10 Bar Muscle Ups  (subs are 10 band assisted muscle ups or 20 Dead Hang Pull Ups and 15 weighted box dips or band assisted dips)



  1. This looks brutal.

  2. Yeah, but in a warm and friendly sort of way.

  3. Nicole #1 says:

    This looks awesome. However, my wod for the day will involve walking to the car, then walking into the doctor’s office, followed by walking back to the car, and back into my house. Don’t be jealous….I know it’s gonna be tough, but somebody’s gotta do it! :o)

  4. Britt B says:

    So both movements back to back once is one rep?

  5. Britt B says:

    Also, the trainer bios and pics look great! Everyone is so “official” now! I sure hope Kyle did Karen, his least favorite WOD, last night!

  6. Britt, I’m pretty sure we’d do 10 power snatches, 10 goofy burpees, then 9 snatches, 9 goofy burpees, 8 snatches, etc. etc. etc.

  7. Donna is correct. All 10 snatches and then all 10 goofy burpees

  8. Britt B says:

    And what about Karen, Kyle?

  9. lisa wilson says:

    I’m with Shane and Alima, thrusters are the devil.

  10. I did it. It was all that I hoped it would be. My time was about where it should have been considering my attitude.

  11. This one wasn’t too bad. I worked up a good sweat though and it was only 6 am! Have fun evening peeps!

  12. I’ve never had such hate for a woman I’ve never met… Damn you Karen! My legs felt like jello last night and feel stiff as a tree today. Good thing this WOD doesn’t involve using our legs… oh wait… 🙁