WOD 07-26-2013

Partner Fran:
In this WOD you and a partner will both complete a full Fran. While one athlete starts working on Fran the other will run 200m. Once the runner returns, the athletes will change places. The returning runner will start Fran from the beginning. When the second runner returns the two will change places and the returning runner will start back working on Fran…
The WOD is complete once both team members have completed a full Fran. Score is total time for both to complete Fran.

Be sure to RSVP for the Party. Please remember that this event is for CFR members and spouses only.

Cristin has put a CF games viewing party together on Saturday at 1:00 at Good People Brewery and at 4:00 on Sunday at Cantina. All are welcome. Special thanks to Cristin for getting this set up. We hope to see you there.


  1. What’s Fran?

  2. Uugh!! Souldn’t have asked.

  3. I might have to slow down my 200m for the sake of my partner…