WOD 07-27-2011

With a Partner complete the following:

100 Knees to Elbows (sub 2/1 hanging leg raise)

200 Box Jumps (sub step up)

2,000 lbs of Overhead Squats (1 bar per team)

As usual, team members can not be working on the same movement at the same time.  Team members must share a bar for the squats.  Weights may be added or removed for each team member.  Split this up any way you want. 

The games are coming this weekend.  Be sure to check the games site for viewing info.  It will be streamed live, as well as covered on ESPN 3.com at times. 




  1. Ray Jackson says:

    Kyle, have you seen our recent workouts? My legs feel like really heavy logs right now and you want me to jump on a box?

  2. Ray Jackson says:

    And for some reason I think that weight for back squats is wrong.

  3. Team WOD! Who’s got dibs on me?! I’ll do all the knees to elbows and most of the overhead squats if someone else does the rest.
    Thanks for the shaving tips.

  4. lisa wilson says:

    THE BRAIN, I can do box step ups all day long but I’m afraid you may back squat far more than I can. If you’re willing to do a 50lb backsquat we’re in business.

  5. No back Squats in this WOD

  6. Ray Jackson says:

    Gotcha, funny how my brain skipped right over the overhead part!

  7. Dang…I hate I’ll miss the team WOD…I guess me and Yoga Ron will have to try it next week.

  8. Ray Jackson says:

    Jason, whats your email address? I have a Yoga Ron story I want to share…

  9. J Wow/Chong Li decided to smoked at the Trak Shak today, but I think I need a new partner for the next team WOD, preferably someone who can actually touch their toes, any takers?

  10. Ray Jackson says:

    So you guys are running?

  11. *get

  12. Sorry Yoga Ron…I can’t downward dog on call.

  13. you guys are lame. you’re going to miss the best trainer at cfr and a team wod for some running? boooooooooo

  14. Ray Jackson says:

    So Lauren or Shane will be training tonight?

  15. @ J Wow – thats not what snooky said

  16. Ray Jackson says:

    So Alima = Snooky? That is rough. Alima you should kick him out of the gym. If yoga and running wasn’t enough, calling you Snooky???

  17. @Alima – sorry, trying to work on my med con and rehab my old man knee with 3 runs a week. I struggle to get them by myself.
    @YogaRon – snooky = your mom

  18. Well played J Wow, almost as well as I play your mom every weekend

  19. Ray Jackson says:

    Im starting to worry where this is headed. Momma jokes can quickly get out of hand 🙂

  20. hate to miss today – love a team wod! i will be in tomorrow morning with at least one other lululemon team member. get excited everyone – we’re opening friday! yea!!! 🙂

  21. lisa wilson says:

    I love mom jokes. I say keep them coming. I say they need their own website like the thruster website.

  22. Ray Jackson says:

    I agree, ronniesmomdidwhat.com would definitely work out well.

  23. New Named Wod:
    YogaRon’s Mom
    Time: All night…

  24. Ray Jackson says:

    One of my all time favs!


    Sounds like a team wod

  26. Ray Jackson says: