WOD 07-27-2015

WODs for the upcoming competition on the 31st are listed below. Please sign up ASAP if you plan to participate. The cost to participate or to spectate is a donation to charity. 100% of all proceeds will go to the American Kidney Fund. Let me know if you have any questions. We will be providing a keg for the after party. We will also collect $5 from anyone who wants pizza. CFR Fishing Tournament: 

Friday 07-31-2015 

Start time: 5:30pm

WOD 1. 2K Row (placement will dictate start for order for WOD 2. 

WOD 2. Helen

WOD 3. For time: 

               30 Burpees 

               30 power snatch 115/80#

We look forward to seeing everyone compete. We will have a scaled division. This competition will be accessible to everyone. 
Today’s WOD

3 rounds

50 squats

7 hang power cleans 135/95#

5 bar MU

Skill:  40 GHD sit ups 

Mobility: 4 drills from the squat chart