WOD 07-29-2013

Run 800m
100 Squats
50 Toes To Bar
25 Hand Stand Push Ups
Run 800m

25 Minute Time Cap for this WOD.

Skill: 40 back extensions

Don’t forget to check your email and reply to the E-vite for the Party this Friday. We must have a final head count by the end of the day Tuesday. We hope you are able to make it out Friday evening. We will have some big announcements at the party.

It was great to see so many CFR folks at Good People on Saturday for the CF games viewing party. From what I heard, we had a good crowd at Cantina on Sunday too. We always love seeing the CFR community out and about.


  1. My WOD: Run 800m 100 squats 100 modified TTB 100 modified HSPU Run 800m. My time was 32:00. Technically it was a DNF but I figured I needed the practice. Looking forward to tomorrow’s WOD!

  2. Only 50 HSPU’s modified. I lied. Sorry.