WOD 07-30-2014

AMRAP 16 Min.
Run 200M
15 Hand Release Push Ups
9 SDHP 115/80#

Skill: farmers walk 4 70/53#
Mobility: 3 drills from the running chart.

The team competition is rapidly approaching. The event will be held on Friday the 22nd. Details are below. As a reminder, this competition is for fun. Good sportsmanship is a must and whining and complaining is strongly discouraged. We have designed this years competition so that it will be the most competitive yet. The sign up sheet will be posted today.

1. RX’d teams will be comprised of 1 female and 2 males.

2. Scaled teams will be made up of 3 people one of which must be of the opposite gender.



  1. Elizabeth Bouffanie says:

    I’ll be out of town that weekend 🙁

  2. You may need to change your plans.

    • Elizabeth Bouffanie says:

      I contacted the national society of my profession to change the dates of our annual conference but they weren’t having it. 🙁 Tiffany will have to represent this household.

  3. I will be too 🙁

  4. Jason F. says:

    I have yet to complete a workout without whining or complaining.

  5. **strongly discouraged.

  6. Jason F. says:

    Duly noted. Can we vote on the wod?