WOD 07-31-2014

Hang Squat Clean + Front Squat

For Time:
20 Bar Muscle Ups (sub banded bar MU 1:1 or chest to bar pull ups and dips 3:1)

The team competition is rapidly approaching. The event will be held on Friday the 22nd. Details are below. As a reminder, this competition is for fun. Good sportsmanship is a must and whining and complaining is strongly discouraged. We have designed this years competition so that it will be the most competitive yet.

1. RX’d teams will be comprised of 1 female and 2 males.

2. Scaled teams will be made up of 3 people one of which must be of the opposite gender.


Now…who wants to talk about Box Command??! The conversion wasn’t super smooth – pretty much what I expected. Some of you logged right in, but a lot of you had trouble. I know it’s frustrating and I appreciate everyone being so patient and nice with their emails and questions. If you are still having problems, we’ll get it worked out I promise. Keep commenting, emailing or texting me with your issues so I can address them and hopefully by next week things will be running smoothly.

A couple of issues I know are going on and I am working on:

1) If your payment runs under your spouses name, your account is currently inactive and you can’t see the wods or register for classes. I am working on this and will hopefully have it resolved tomorrow.

2) Most of you have been able to log in without the error message now, but if you’re still getting that let me know.

3) I haven’t had a lot of time to play around with setting up the WODs and logging scores, etc. But if you want to play around with that feel free. I believe they are changing the current format of “scale a” or “scale b” (you will know what I mean once you try to log your score) because its virtually impossible to have everyone scale their WOD in the same 2 ways. With that being said, and until they make the change, chose either of those options and then just note how you scaled the WOD in the notes section – that is going to be the most important for your reference later on.

4) One person mentioned they were not able to log scores and were getting the message “member gender is unavailable.” If you get this let me know. I think it’s something I have to change in your profile from my end.

OK, thats all I can think of for now. I’m sure there will be more tomorrow. Keep me posted on questions or problems so I can get them worked out.

Thanks – Alima



  1. katherine says:

    Box command is working perfectly for me! I hope I keep up with it. I wish I could say the same for the 21DSD. 😉 jk, I’m doing fine, just a little headachey and tired, which is totally sad and means I definitely need to stick with it.

    • glad box command working for your katherine – that gives me some hope!
      keep it up with the sugar detox! It’s worth it!

  2. #4 is applicable to me as well.

  3. Was on the road yesterday, so didn’t get a chance to try everything. I can log in fine, but I can’t log in for Dave and Olivia – sounds like you already know about that issue. Thanks!

    • Hey Donna – for Dave and Olivia have them register on the right hand box as if they were new clients. Once they sign the waiver on the next screen they can log out. They don’t need to fill anything in on the payment screen. Their accounts will say inactive bc there is no payment linked to them, but I will correct that once you tell me they’ve created their accounts.


  4. I was able to log in under Dave and change the name to mine. I still can’t register for upcoming days though. Today is the only one that shows up.

    • It seems like you can only register for the days where I have actually added a WOD. Even though I was told that as long as classes are on the schedule, people can register whether there is a WOD set up or not. I’ll have to check more into that, but for now I added a WOD to Friday so try again and let me know if you are able to register now.

  5. Yeah I can register for today and tomorrow’s now. Thanks Alima.

  6. Emris graham says:

    When will mind body go offline for CFR? I have had the same problems as kate.