WOD 07-06-2010

AMRAP 20 min.

15 Knees to Elbows

10 Power Cleans 115/80#

5 Burpees

Remember, Cori is running the gym this week.  Please direct any questions to her.  She will be happy to help you. 


  1. Hmmmm….should be interesting! This is the kind of WOD where I can’t predict the suck-factor by looking at it. I guess we should just assume it’s high and be pleasantly surprised if not.

  2. The thing about AMRAP’s, is the suck factor depends on your intensity. :\ But my prediction for suck factor: 19. (out of 10)

  3. Upon further reflection, I think your suck factor rating is a good, conservative estimate. I’m suffering from a severe case of self-inflicted L.I.B.A.S. (Lunge-Induced Butt-Ache Syndrome). Don’t know why we do this to ourselves……… :o)

  4. Ooooooooo. LIBAS. That’s rough!

  5. due to conflicts in my schedule this week, i will not see ya’ll until saturday morning. have a good wod!

  6. so dont make fun of me, but im bringing up the cow topic again.
    We tried out some grass fed ground beef from a new farmer and really liked it. They are in chatanooga so they are a few hours away but they come to pepper place once a month. They will be here again on July 17th. If people are interested in the possibility of ordering a cow or half cow and splitting the meat up let me know. we would need to place our order soon.

  7. I would like info about splitting a cow, like how much meat/cuts we would get, and how much it would cost.

  8. Just looking at some of your workout routines, I’m a trainer here in Scotland – what does the WOD stand for?

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