WOD 08-01-2011

New class offerings start this week

Max Reps of Burpees in 1 Minute


AMRAP 15 Min.

Run 200 M W/Plate 35/25#


10 Pull Ups

Strength: Squat 4-4-4-4 @ 90% 1RM

Don't forget to be working on you CFR athlete info sheet.

If you like CFR in it's current location please call city council member Jonathan Austin today (254-2678).  Let him know that you would appreciate it if they did not force us to relocate. 



  1. Brittany B says:

    Well, isn’t there a lot on today’s plate? I love it! 🙂 Is the squat front or back?

  2. Your choice on the squat.

  3. Is there a HSPU substitute?

  4. Are y’all going to the city council meeting? As someone who used to have to go to those things every week, as much of a pain as they are, I do think it helps for them to see the people behind the business. Seems like what they need to be reminded of is the fact that, if they pursue the current plan, they are destroying the business synergy they want so much in the area. Look at how desperately they want to create an “entertainment district” around the BJCC, and how it hasn’t happened. Building the facility alone is not enough – they need synergy and business life to make it happen. This plan destroys a successful entertainment venue, restaurant, gym and other small businesses that are the start of that synergy. They should instead seek out a plan that will allow the stadium to build on that, rather than destroying it. Because once it’s gone, the BJCC has proven it’s hard to get it back. They would also be punishing the businesses that took a risk and invested in the RR Park area before people knew how it would work. The City should work on attracting these small businesses – not proving that it will not treat them right by shutting them down when there have to be other options.
    Off soapbox now.

  5. Well said Donna.

  6. You can also send an e-mail to johnathan.austin@birminghamal.gov.

  7. i just called and had to leave a message with the receptionist for johnathan – i was at john carroll with his brother, jay. i don’t know if he’ll return the call, but we shall see. i will send an email – donna, may i use your eloquent language above? i think it is very well said. i think if we can fill the inbox and give good representation, it wouldn’t hurt… better than rolling over for them.
    looking forward to tonight’s workout – hopefully i can get it all in within my available hour 🙂

  8. Donna, you should go to the meeting!! Just that snippet you wrote above was fantastic, can’t imagine what you could do in person!!!!

  9. Sure – although I just sent an e-mail using it, so vary it up a little just to keep them interested. ;o)

  10. totally did 🙂 mainly used it to cover my points… thanks!

  11. Thanks for the support. I will be at the meeting tomorrow morning at 9:30. If you are interested in attending let me know.

  12. E-mail sent. Donna I used your post as a template and added my on points also. Thanks.

  13. The Brain says:

    Very well said. I’ll be sending my version of that too.

  14. Thanks guys! We appreciate your help!

  15. Just emailed my thoughts. I tried not to use too many cuss words…

  16. Ray Jackson says:

    I told him to meet me at the Kumite!!! Could that be construed as a threat? Come on we have tons of lawyers, someone help me out, could that be considered a threat? Is Alabama a 3 strikes state, if so I am screwed…

  17. The Brain says:

    There are actually smart people who read the Birmingham News. Here’s one:

  18. thats funny! I wondered about the parking, but I hadn’t actually heard anyone mention anything about it. I’m hoping the plan for only 250 parking spaces is a rumor. The city isn’t that stupid, are they? Oh wait….nevermind.

  19. Brittany B says:

    I just sent my hatemail. You and Kyle attempt to rejuvenate this musty ol’ city by building business here, and this is how they repay you? Aww hell naw!

  20. Nicole #1 says:

    I sent my email too! Threw in some babble about our nation being a society being founded on capitalism and the news constantly touting Birmingham’s support of locally owned businesses only to shut them down. Threw in a few cheap shots here and there about the city being bankrupt, etc. Wish I’d seen the article about 250 parking spaces before I sent it though, I could have had a lot of fun with that!

  21. “musty ol’ city” <------ made me laugh outloud 😉

  22. Ray Jackson says:

    Now that’s no way to speak of Birmingham. Momma always said… Well hell with it, Bham can kiss it! If we cant pay for sewer how will we ever pay for baseball.