WOD 08-02-2010

Thrusters 95/65#
Pull Ups

Paleo Tip: Eat more vegetables than fruit.


  1. This just made me cuss in front of my child.

  2. The Brain says:

    Anyone remember when the last time we did this was?

  3. monday, may 3rd is what i have in my books…

  4. http://crossfitprovidence.com/start-here/watch-the-video/
    and i am hoping to be there, but will be a late arrival due to volleyball practice starting this week… geez, what kind of coach makes you practice in your last two weeks of summer?!? :\

  5. At least we don’t have to run outside.

  6. that’s definitely a plus, sri!

  7. Fran Tip: the faster you do it, the sooner it’s over.

  8. My hands are not happy about this.

  9. Fran is a good time! My rear will be planted in a plane seat for the next 15 hours. Get some for me!

  10. This brief that has to be filed tomorrow is not helping me write it quick enough. I may be out tonight. Which has made me realize I must love to hate Fran, because I’ll be sorry if I can’t do it.

  11. Sad I’m missing this one, although my hands are secretly happy to have a break.
    My little paleo baby had his first taste of Lara bar today. He loved it!

  12. Jackie and Susanna, shoot me an email at sridaran@uab.edu and I can send you some ideas about protein grams/calories and other specifics…