WOD 08-04-2010

Power Clean
4 rounds
Jog 200
Run 200

The run is to be a sprint.

If you are interested in ordering electrolytes let me know. I am going to order soon.

Paleo tip: try a new fruit or vegetable. See what you have been missing.


  1. I tried broccoli Sunday. It looks like it would taste a lot worse than it does. I ate two whole bites. Baby steps…
    How is everyone else doing on the fitness challenge?

  2. Woo hoo! Way to go Alison! too funny! I wish I were in that boat- I love broccoli! I just ate some “egg salad”- gulp….. of course I do not think that my recipe is exactly paleo :)(mustard, a little claussen pickle juice, red pepper flakes,anything to mask the taste of the egg whites,etc) but part of my challenge is to incorporate protein….. talk about baby steps!

  3. Why is it than when I’m not eating sugar for a month Giada has a whole episode about baked goods on the food network, dreamcakes is posting cupcake pictures on facebook and indie candy is talking about their organic peach cotton candy???
    Is someone trying to sabotage me?

  4. What is this…”sprint” you speak of? JK.
    Alison, I cannot believe you have not tried broccoli before!! What do you eat? My kids love broccoli – it’s always in my fridge. Proud of you!

  5. If this had been power snatches, we would have 20 comments by now.

  6. alison’s prior vegetable category only contained salsa 🙂 just teasing you!
    i am learning A LOT. i’m doing strict paleo but am counting the grams of protein/fat/carb i take in each day – trying to hit a certain goal w/o going over… thanks to sri’s calculations, i can’t have any more carbs today… who knew how many were in fruit! all i had were cherries and a banana… sigh. thankfully, bacon has no carbs. 😉

  7. haha! okay, just logged my lunch… looks like i need to go chug a bottle of evoo! i’ve got 52g of fat to take in still :\

  8. come on down here Jackie! I have lots of almonds 🙂 AND some lemon infused EVOO

  9. Sri – Can I get the calculation also.

  10. Sri – Can I get a copy of the diet xls you created. Do I need to give you any inputs or are there obvious fields in the xls?
    Or if someone else can email it to me that’d be great.
    My email address is massey.dave@gmail.com.

  11. Me too Sri. pmotches@yahoo.com

  12. Jackie bananas are one of the highest as far as carbs and glycemic index for fruits. If you want to eat larger quantites of fruit but are counting carbs you should stick to berries!

  13. so are cherries… i have two more bananas to get thru this week and will portion them out as best i can – think i’ll cut in half and freeze with almond butter for snacks. that should help! i will keep my fruit to my snacks only… so twice/day… my name is jackie, and i’m a fruit-a-holic. :\
    also, let me just tell you all how awesome it is to be paleo and sitting at your desk while smelling FRESH FROM THE OVEN WHITE CHOCOLATE MACADAMIA NUT COOKIES from the kitchen…sigh.

  14. Awesome.

  15. here are the calculations that sri did (now that i can grasp the entire concept!):
    body fat in pounds=
    total body weight x body fat % (in decimal form)
    lean body mass=
    total body weight – body fat in lbs.
    basal metabolic rate= 350+LBMx10
    *note, i’m not sure where 350 came from…sri?
    energy expenditure – 1.6x BMR
    goal calories for fat loss – EE-500to700 (you’ll get a range)
    as for the breakdown of protein/carb/fat… i just confused myself again (grasp is gone) and will have to defer to sri on this… sorry! i tried!

  16. Nice, thanks jackie!
    You lost me at energy expenditure. Does EE = 1.6 x BMR? Or did you mean the minus sign?
    Then you are saying for fat loss you need to consumer on average 600 calories less than EE?
    My guess about the 350 is that it is an intercept from a regression analysis. BMR = 350 + (LBM x 10) looks very univariate regressionesque.

  17. wow, that last part of my comment was really goobish…i apologize to everyone.

  18. I’ll email you all an excel spreadsheet tonight! the calculations aren’t too too tough, but you can plug and chug your weight and body fat% in and get some numbers as guidelines.

  19. Jackie – can I join your club? I’m a total fruitaholic! Ask Kyle how much watermelon I consumed while iwas pregnant. Way more than the law should allow!
    Dave you are too smart for me. I have no clue what you are talking about! 🙂 how is the paleo going? Have you been eating all the pulled pork you can handle?

  20. If I read every 4th word of Jackie’s and Dave’s posts, they still mean about the same to me. Pretty cool.

  21. Alima & Jackie – I to am a fruitaholic. I had cherries, oranges, apples, pears, peaches and blueberries within the last 24 hours.
    Going well in general. Yes! I cooked a shoulder this weekend. Pork is good. Pulled port in scrambled eggs is really good. I went salmon last night for a change but I feel the pork reeling me in this evening.

  22. since i confused myself on my own post, i so didn’t follow dave’s post… except for the fact that it is not supposed to be a minus sign, but equals… my brain hurts.
    welcome to the club! this is going to be a tough month for me… i apologize if i get mean with little fruit. dave, you just consumed my carb allotment for the month! i am getting sad about this…

  23. Uh oh. Jackies gettin mean. Josh watch out. You might get punched in the face 🙂

  24. Sri, add me to your xls list. nichelehoskins@aol.com.
    Alima, I concur with you on the watermelon. Wasn’t a fan until this summer. I just wish I knew a wise old codger who could teach me how to find the reddest, juiciest uncut ‘melons.
    Bah! I’m not going to be in this week due to work and weekend with Mom and Sis to the world’s longest yard sale. The folks at the Fort Payne are gonna think I’m nuts when I do burpees in the parking lot. I’ll have to get Paleo camaraderie here, then.
    My name is Nichele. I’ve been pasta-free for four days….

  25. way to go nichele! have fun at the yard sale! i want to hear all about it – never been.