WOD 08-04-2015

Hey guys! Last year we did a team competition in August on a Friday evening and then CFR pool party the following afternoon (Saturday). We want ya’lls opinion on what you would like this year. 1. Would you like to participate in a Team Competition? (Yes/No)

    If Yes what’s your preference

    A. Team Comp Friday evening (Aug 28th), Pool Party Sat at noon (Aug 29)

    B. Team Comp Sat morning 9 am (Aug 29th), Pool party directly following at noon.


Deadlift 225/155#

Box jumps 24/20″

(Run 400m before each round)

Skill:  4-20 sec. L-Sits on paraletts 

Mobility:  4 minutes posterior chain floss. 


  1. YES!
    And option B.) Saturday Morning.
    Friday is sort of a rush to get there on time.

  2. Yeah I would prefer option B too

  3. B asd;fkjaslkfjaslkdfjalsdkjf(mandatory minimum number of letters needed)

  4. I’ll be out of town so you’ll probably want to reschedule. Unless you want a party without me. Which in that case, it’s your funeral.