WOD 08-05-2011

Overhead Squat 7-7-7-7
Snatch 1-1-1
Run 3K

Nice Job Chris, you guessed it. Brittany B. was the sox offender.

Keep an eye out at the gym today. We are posting a list of some great upcoming events at CFR.


  1. I got new kicks yesterday and need some advice. They are minimalist-type tennis shoes w/ a Vibram trail sole. I have been wearing some regular old Nike running shoes. Run the 3K in the new cool shoes (clearly the FUN option) or in my old stanky Nikes???

  2. Stanky Nikes…

  3. I can tell you from experience that the 3k may not be the best distance for the first time in the new shoes. I think just wearing them a few days and then going short distances to begin with is your best bet.

  4. I agree with Kyle.

  5. Nicole #1 says:

    If you go by what they always tell me at Trak Shak, if your shoes are a proper fit, there shouldn’t be any break-in period. You should just be able to put them on and go. Wouldn’t recommend a marathon in new shoes, but 3K is a short distance. Really, it’s up to you, I say go for it in the new shoes.

  6. With a minimalist/barefoot style shoe it is always recommended that you let your body get accustomed to the different style of running and stride you have to use. Once you learn how to use this style of shoe you would no longer need a break in period for future pairs. However, first pair of this type, trust me as I have been through this myself, ease in before you run for distance

  7. Boo. No fun. Thanks y’all. I’ll at least wear them for the lifting.

  8. best advice i ever received:
    “nothing new on race day.”
    -danny haralson, run coach/run university
    break them in for sure.

  9. Black Lavender says:

    Best advice I ever received:
    “Dont eat that, you don’t know where its been!”
    – my grandmother

  10. Brittany – did you get the new NB’s with the vibram sole? Let me know how you like them. I’ve been wanting a pair. Lauren just got a pair and she really likes them.

  11. I sure did! I wanted something that felt like the barefoot shoes but still looked like tennis shoes and were stylish… I will keep you posted!