WOD 08-07-2012

Push Press 95/65#
Toes To Bar
Games Standard Push Ups

Skill: farmers walk 70/53# (4 passes)

The new classes will be added to the schedule starting next week. We will have Monday morning sessions, as well as Friday 12:00pm.

The Sign up sheet for the team competition will be posted at CFR today. Be sure to sign up ASAP. The event will be held on Friday August 31st at 5:30 pm. Teams will be comprised of 4 people. One team member must be of the opposite sex. Your team will either compete as RX’d or scaled. In order to compete as prescribe team members need to be able to complete unassisted pull ups, push ups and Burpees, as well as power cleans @135/95#, box jumps @24″/20″ and thrusters @115/80#. These movements will not necessarily be in the WOD/s but your ability to complete these movements may determine your ability to go RX’d in the competition. Your team will need a Name.


  1. Kristin C says:

    Will the scaled WOD have a standard as well? In other words, will all of the men and women scaling have an exact amount of weight that they must do?