WOD 08-09-2011

4 Rounds for time:
Run 400 m
50 Squats

Also, Shoulder Press 2-2-2-2 @ 95%


  1. Nicole #1 says:

    Hey! One I can do! Sweet!

  2. Nicole, are you going to come play??

  3. Nicole #1 says:

    No. I’m still working at home. But running and squats are my staples right now. I did manage 5 knee pushups this morning though. So I’m looking on track to return in about 2 or 3 more weeks.

  4. Running, squats and walking lunges were my workout staples the past few weeks and I am thinking that I will be happy I did that after these 200 squats……..

  5. Deuce Lavender says:

    200 squats have a way of just sucking the life out of you and the mile doesn’t help.

  6. Nicole #1 says:

    I was thinking about adding in the walking lunges too. But I’m not really thrilled about it. Those things are awful.

  7. lisa wilson says:

    Not as awful as the stupid burpees we had to do last night. That was pure awfulness.

  8. hey, gang! fun WOD last night – glad to have missed the wet tshirt contest the 515p group had, though! 🙂 i will get some rope climbs in later this week for sure!
    two things:
    for those who missed the announcement last night, lululemon athletica’s new store has opened at the summit and to celebrate we’re having a grand opening party this friday, august 12th, from 6p-9p. we would love to have you all come by and say hello! in order to attend, you’ll need some printed form of invitation – ask kyle or alima or feel free to email me at peekaboohaker@hotmail.com and we will get you one!
    also, i just wanted to spread the word about a great 5k coming up on september 17th – it’s the second annual Monkey C Monkey 5K and 1 mile fun run! they have moved locations to homewood park this year due to having a great turnout last year. i think this would be a great race for cfr to put together another team to run. the race benefits Camp Smile-A-Mile, a wonderful place for children with cancer to just be kids and forget about their illness! it’s a great cause and last year mayfield was there haniding out popsicles post-race – DOUBLE SCORE! http://www.imathlete.com/events/MonkeyCMonkeyRun5K

  9. Jackie – whats the dress like for the lululemon event? Like if I come after I coach the WOD on friday am I going to be totally underdressed? Let me know!
    Love Camp Smile A Mile! That sounds like an awesome race! I think we should definitely try to get a team together!

  10. you will be fine! i’m actually going to come wod at cfr first, then go down there… contemplating changing b/c i may go do something after but if i do, it will just be casual – jeans or a casual dress or something… nothing fancy! everyone working there will be in lululemon clothes so if you’re in your workout gear you will NOT be out of place by any means 🙂 hope you can make it!

  11. Ray Jackson says:

    Im gonna wear kung fu pants just like I wear in the kumite 🙂
    All BS’n aside, if I buy the Kung Fu pants will I look as ripped as that model when I wear them? I think yes!

  12. ummmm….what are Kung Fu pants and who is the model?

  13. kung fu pants are a style of men’s pants we sell at lululemon (four-way stretch, luon, great for movement) – and yes, ray jackson, you put those pants on and you magically look ripped*! you should buy a pair for every day of the week!
    *disclaimer: with the right amount of exercise and a healthy diet. lululemon does not claim their pants alone will give you a svelt body.

  14. whoa, whoa…wet tshirt contest?!?! what did i miss…did CFR turn into La Vela after I left

  15. lisa wilson says:

    Flora Bama is where it’s at

  16. Ray Jackson says:

    Brain was sporting a plain white t-shirt for his run in the rain. It was a show!!!

  17. Two questions boohacker:
    How many shurikens come with the kung fu pants and what exactly is hockey butt?

  18. Oops, boohaker, my bad…