WOD 08-10-2011

Please remember to use mind-body to register for classes.  We have had diminished usage of the sign up system and it is beginning to cause some over crowding issues.  We are currently unable to accommodate more than 16 people in an evening class.  If you are not signed up we can't guarantee you a spot in a class.  If demand arises, we will modify our capacity or the class schedule. 

AMRAP 15 Minutes

5 Push Press 115/80#

7 Pull Ups

9 Kettle Bell Swings 53/35#

Skill: Double Unders 100

Check out Buddy Lee, the Jump Rope Master of the Universe 



  1. I’m not trying to act like a bad-a or anything, but is this WOD just one round for time?

  2. oops! It’s a 15 min AMRAP. Fixing now!

  3. Here is some additional info on the kickball team:
    1) We have to pick a team name so we can get our team registered before all the slots are taken. Allison and Brittany have come up with these names:
    The Balled and the Beautiful
    Kick Faced
    Urine Trouble (wear yellow jerseys)
    Show Us Your Kicks
    Whiney Pitches
    Brewtiful Balls
    They are open to suggestions from others. Please comment if you have a suggestion. We will probably list all of them tomorrow and take a vote.
    2)The registration fee is $50 per person.
    3) Games will be played on Thurs at 7,8 or 9 pm and there will be at least one Wed night game.
    4)If you have any questions please contact Allison at allison.r.cronin@gmail.com or 901-210-2459
    5) No professional kickball skills required

  4. Kyles suggested name is “Balls to the Wall”
    Mine is “shelikesthrusters.com”

  5. Hey I am sooo down for the kick ball team!!! I vote for shelikesthurster.com!!!

  6. i like kick faced and whiney pitches 🙂
    my goal in life is to be buddy lee.

  7. Ray Jackson says:

    I would love to play but with 3 small kids my attendance would probably be sporadic. As for the name, I too vote for shelikesthurster.com.

  8. I do like shelikesthrusters, however, in the kickball community I don’t know if most other teams will get the joke. That is why a lot of the team names we suggest use plays on words like ball, kick, and pitch. One gym around town currently has a team name involving “snatch,” and I’m not sure people understand.

  9. Ray Jackson says:

    How about Blue Ballers and we could wear blue?

  10. Ooo, that’s a good one too!

  11. nice…I like urine trouble or brewtiful balls. And what if you do have professional kick ball skillz?

  12. Alima says blue ballers is good. She also suggested BIG Ballers.

  13. Brittany – its not “shelikesthrusters” its “shelikesthrusters.com”. BIG DIFFERENCE 🙂

  14. Jason,
    If you know someone with real kick ball “skillz” let us know.

  15. I’m pretty sure your team is given a certain color shirt. You don’t get to choose your color.
    My team name suggestion: Prestige Worldwide

  16. I Like Thrusters says:

    If you go with shelikesthrusters.com somebody needs to actually register the domain. It could be free advertisement for the gym if it is set up as a sister site to the CFR home page. Just a thought…but I agree that the kickball community may not get it. I like Alima’s Big Baller’s suggestion.

  17. I’ve been basically looking for a reason to buy the domain so that’s why I suggested it 🙂

  18. I Like Thrusters says:

    Well obviously, I like the name! Plus, if it’s gonna be a gym member only team, why not?

  19. lisa wilson says:

    I like any name that’s highly offensive. The more offensive the better.

  20. Brittany just posted a few other names on the upcoming events post. I like “ballz in your face”!
    I am bringing a sign up sheet to the gym tonight. Make sure you sign up tonight if you plan on playing. The vote tomorrow for the team name will be for people who are signed up and will be playing. If you wont be at the gym tonight let me know and I’ll add your name to the list.

  21. ya’ll would be good at coming up with Roller derby names! very clever!

  22. i won’t be there tonight, but would like to sign up to play. thanks!

  23. Dave, we do get to pick our shirts.

  24. Ray Jackson says:

    I agree, people who were wondering what it means would visit the website.

  25. Ray Jackson says:

    PS, Lisa scares me!

  26. Is this going to be a ‘laid back take you beer into the field kickball team’ or a ‘hyper competitive yeah we’re going to slide and peg girls in a an adult coed kickball game’ team?
    What’s the frame of reference going in?

  27. I Like Thrusters says:

    Where are the games played and what time of day?

  28. i personally want to be in the “laid back beer in the field” league… i won’t play if i need a mouth guard.

  29. It’s really up to the people who play how they want to act. Personally, I’ve played a total of 4 seasons, and I take a bottle of wine per game and drink it from a dixie cup in the outfield. Some of the guys tend to get a little more competitive. I think a balance is good. Not the douche team who argues with the ref’s every call, but also not the team that shows up drunk and dances/hoots and hollers on the sidelines the entire time, either. I’d like to actually when a few games. 😉

  30. lisa wilson says:

    Balls Away
    Just Kicken It
    3 Balls and You’re Out
    Take Your Balls and Shove It
    Great Balls on Fire
    Our Balls are Bigger Than Yours
    Got Balls?…

  31. I like the drinkin and hangin…but don’t think I could handle not winning, plus it would look awful if the “crossfit” team got beat by Big Al’s Chicken and Wings.

  32. like I said, about the men… “I don’t think I can handle losing.” 😛

  33. ouch…jus sayin we shouldn’t lose, but not take it to the dbag level either. a happy medium.

  34. I'll kick your balls says:

    Did anybody find out what time and where the games are played?

  35. Alima says, “Games will be played on Thurs at 7,8 or 9 pm and there will be at least one Wed night game.”
    They are played at George Ward Park on Greensprings.

  36. “Balls to the Wall”? Or would a wall ball reference traumatized people?

  37. Traumatize. Damned iPhone.

  38. I will add your name Jackie.
    Ray – save your fear for this WOD. This is a nasty one y’all. I don’t think I could hold my water bottle right now. Grip is totally gone.

  39. lisa wilson says:

    I could be a backup person for the kickball. Not sure I want to commit every Thurs to kickball. I had to miss football games. But the drinking and trying to kick a ball sounds fun.

  40. We could use the team name me and some friends use when we play trivia which is Our Couch Pulls Out But We Dont. Someone said they like highly offensive names, so I’m sure that would do the trick.

  41. lisa wilson says:

    Ha, that’s awesome.

  42. Ray Jackson says:
  43. Ray Jackson says:

    I also saw a shirt at Chuy’s that said, “I’d hit that” and was a Pinata.

  44. The team I’m currently on is a ‘take you drink to the field’ kind of team. To me it’s more fun that way. We also decided as a team that this is purely for fun and set the tone so people wanting to take it more seriously could find another team. It worked out well.

  45. I am in!
    My team this season is “don’t come on my base”. Innuendo is definitely encouraged. Also, all the teams we’ve played minus 2 have been drink on and off the field. There are some ultra competitive ones…but even they didn’t peg the ladies.
    What do you need for us to sign up Alima?