WOD 08-11-2011

Death By Burpees
As Many Burpees As Possible in 20 Minutes

Compare to 5-17-2011

Skill: 12 Muscle Ups or 12 Bar Muscle Ups


  1. Ray Jackson says:

    Darn, I hate ill be missing todays WOD. It looks like so much fun.

  2. This one is fun to do by yourself at 5:30 am.

  3. Ray Jackson says:

    Nothing is fun by yourself. You should have made the trainer do it with you. I know Kyle likes burpees just as much as the next guy.

  4. Sorry Adam…just couldn’t do another burpee this week.

  5. okay… evidently, i need to start today over! i read adam’s post and thought it was alima who had to wod alone – sent alima and email apologizing for signing up and not showing up… then realized, it was adam… SO… ADAM… i’m sorry i signed up and didn’t show up. wod’ing alone does suck. my bad. now… off to get some caffeine b/c EVIDENTLY, i’m in need of it!

  6. I won’t be able to do this because of back-to-school madness, but I kinda strangely want to. Not because I want to, but to see how the number would compare to last time. I might do this one as part of my Saturday morning fun…

  7. It’s cool. Alima was there for moral support.

  8. The options for the CFR kickball team are below. Please only vote if you have signed up to play or you plan on signing up to play. You can either vote here or email me.
    The Balled and the Beautiful
    Kick Faced
    Urine Trouble (wear yellow jerseys)
    Show Us Your Kicks
    Whiney Pitches
    Brewtiful Balls
    Balls to the Wall
    Blue Ballers (where blue shirts)
    Prestige Worldwide
    Balls Away
    Just Kicken It
    3 Balls and You’re Out
    Take Your Balls and Shove It
    Great Balls on Fire
    Our Balls are Bigger Than Yours
    Got Balls?…
    Our Couch Pulls Out But We Dont
    Amaze Balls (Kardashian reference)
    Ballz in Your Face
    Your Pitch Is Leaving With Me
    There’s a lot to chose from so have fun!

  9. Our Couch Pulls Out But We Don’t…not sure how that’s going to fit on a jersey though, it’s pretty long (twss).

  10. The Brain says:

    (The Balls)
    and how do we go about signing up?

  11. Brain, you have to vote on one of the options above. Yesterday was the day for suggestions.
    Allison Cronnin is in charge of the team and I think she will be telling everyone how to sign up when it is time. FIrst we have to pick the name and she has to register the team. I think she will be doing that tomorrow.

  12. My Vote: Whiney Pitches

  13. My vote’s for Blue Ballers or Balls to the Wall

  14. Not Brain says:

    I want to dip my balls in it! (Anyone ever seen The State® on MTV™?)

  15. lisa wilson says:

    Our Couch Pulls Out But We Dont
    Your Pitch Is Leaving With Me
    Got Balls?…

  16. You peeps are killing me. How am I supposed to tabulate a vote when you guys are giving multiple votes and still suggesting new names?
    Britt & Allison – I’m leaving the final decision up to you guys!!

  17. lisa wilson says:

    You guys have to pick one of the offensive names

  18. @Not Brain… Yes, hilarious!!!

  19. I vote for Not Brains idea: “I wanna dip my balls in it!”
    How many folks are you expecting for this team? There is a max of 25 per team.

  20. Our Couch Pulls Out But We Don’t, Cmon it’s witty and offensive, what gets better than that?

  21. not Ray Jackson says:

    Your breath!

  22. not Ray Jackson says:

    Sorry, I meant your breath is more offensive, but it didn’t really work out that way, so