WOD 08-12-2013

The Missing Piece of the Puzzle
Many people often mistakenly think that simply training hard on a consistent basis will lead to maximum athletic performance or the attainment of all of their fitness goals. Time and time again, this approach fails because something is missing. In a continuum that spreads from sickness to wellness to fitness, nutrition is the common denominator. Poor nutrition leads to sickness. A well thought out nutrition program consisting of high quality food will not only lead to improved performance in the gym, but will more importantly be a catalyst for a healthy life. The quality of your nutrition program will have a direct correlation with your overall quality of life.
It has always been our goal to educate our athletes about proper nutrition. As such, we routinely hold nutrition seminars and subsequent nutrition challenges. Additionally, we have stayed true to our stance regarding so called “nutrition supplements”. While we are constantly approached by supplement companies asking us to promote and carry their products. We simply will not promote an unhealthy approach to nutrition. Real sources of nutrition don’t usually come in powder form in plastic tubs or shiny pouches with the “just add water” instructions. These supplements usually promise the world and really can’t deliver anything. In fact, the manufacturer is required to tell you via the label that they have no proof that the product actually works. These “supplements” are not good nutrition. Many people spend their money on those products only to realize that they are not the missing piece of the puzzle. A real nutrition program, made of whole foods and void of low quality food and junk supplements, is the path to ultimate health and increased fitness. It is with this in mind that we have elected to use the 21 day sugar detox as a jumping off point for your new nutrition program. Everyone needs a plan in place to achieve their maximum fitness level. A high level of fitness includes your health and well being. The 21 Day Sugar Detox places your health and fitness at the forefront. This program also helps you to continue your new lifestyle beyond the end of the challenge. As many of you have experienced through previous challenges, it is really about continuing once the challenge ends. The best results are those that come after you have optimized your nutrition for long periods of time. Proper nutrition should not be practiced in 21, or 30 day spurts. It must become your way of life if you hope to achieve and maintain your long term goals. Cheats and splurges should be occasional rather than systemic.
As you know, we will be holding a nutrition seminar on Tuesday evening at 7:00 pm. The purpose of the seminar is to review the materials from the 21 Day Sugar Detox. We will answer any questions you have and clarify the terms of the challenge. Please remember that this challenge is totally optional. Don’t start with excuses for failure. If you don’t plan on being successful, you won’t be. Anyone can take part in and complete this challenge, you just have to want to succeed. We hope you will join us on Tuesday and be a part of the CFR End of Summer Nutrition Challenge.
Feel free to ask, call or email either Alima or me with any questions you have about your nutrition. We are here to help.

You can learn more about the nutrition challenge details and purchase your copy of the 21 Day
Sugar Detox materials here.

For Time:
Deadlift 225/155#
Dead Hang Pull Ups

Skill: 15 Handstand Push Ups or Handstand Practice.


  1. I’m in , but won’t be there Tuesday.

  2. So this means we can gorge ourselves on pasta and doughnuts until the challenge starts, right??

  3. That’s what I understood Rebecca.

  4. I couldn’t care less about donuts and pasta but I did just buy a whole watermelon and I plan on eating every bit of it between now and Sunday. No fruit is going to be hard for me.

  5. It’s a good thing that the lemon squash pie from the Pie Lab in Greensboro showed up in the office today and not next week.

  6. Lemon squash??

    • I didn’t realize it had squash in it until after I had finished my piece. (Wouldn’t have made any difference since I like squash.) It was like a chess pie with a lemon kick to it. Fruit’s going to kill me. I’ve eaten my weight in watermelon and peaches the last few weeks.

  7. Are we on the honor system for this challenge?

  8. The doughnuts and pasta were an exaggeration, but the fruit thing is going to be tough!! And popcorn. And crystal light….crap.
    Will all the participants have to stand up and say “My name is _____ and I am a sugar addict.” ?

  9. Crystal lite??? I obviously need to let you borrow the “sweet misery” DVD about artificial sugar. Tell her Lauralee!

  10. Is this specific challenge set in stone? If not, I’d like to nominate the challenge from “Supersize Me.” I think it plays more to my strengths.

  11. Could we videotape the nutrition seminar and put it up somewhere? Can’t be there but would love to hear the details.

  12. All the info we will be covering is based on the required reading material linked above. You can get all the details there.

  13. Wait…no fruit? Does that mean Laffy Taffy is out?