WOD 08-14-2013

AMRAP 16 minutes
10 Ring Dips
15 Wall Ball Sit Ups 20/14#
20 Air Squats
Run 200 M

Skill: Farmers Walk 4 down and Back 70/53#

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Nutrition Seminar last night. We had a great turnout. We are looking forward to seeing everyone’s results during the challenge. Let us know if you have any questions. Make sure you purchase the information from the link we posted on the challenge page under the new member tab. You must have the materials to take part in the challenge.


  1. I got caught at PTO and couldn’t make it tonight. Could we get a summary document? I’m not even sure when it starts.

  2. Is it my imagination or did this change from last night?

  3. I don’t know what you’re talking about Will. You might need to see someone if you’re experiencing hallucinations.

  4. i’m with will! def remember seeing GHD sit ups?

  5. Yeah, 20 minutes too. I think someone is playing with my emotions…

  6. Jonathan Miller says:

    And traded the KB swings for wall ball sit ups!? I did wall ball sit ups while visiting a box in Starkville, MS a few weeks ago and purposely did not mention them to Kyle or Alima…

  7. Jonathan: like Kyle/Alima didn’t already know about them…

    • Jonathan Miller says:

      Not that I didn’t think they knew about them, but I sure wasn’t going to be the one responsible for bringing them on us! (if a double negative is bad, is a triple negative ok?)

  8. Shhhh brain. I was hoping he would think we were mind readers.

  9. So no summary?

  10. Nutrition question! Didn’t see this in the book…what about vanilla extract or vanilla bean paste??

  11. Deuce,There’s an entire post written about the details. Go read it under the members tab.
    Rebecca – read the ingredients. Pure vanilla extract should be ok but I have seen cheaper brands add sugar. Not sure about vanilla bean paste but you can certainly scrape the “meat” straight from fresh vanilla beans and use that too.