WOD 08-15-2013

We are proud to announce that Peter Perez will be joining the CFR training staff. Peter has been at CFR for over 2 years and has been a Level 1 certified CrossFit Instructor for a year. Peter will be a great addition to the already exceptional training staff at CFR. He has a passion for fitness and looks forward to sharing that with others.
Also, Roxanne and her husband recently found out that they are expecting. While we are disappointed that Roxanne will not be coaching at the gym at this time, we are very excited for her as she starts this new chapter of her life.

EMOM 12 minutes
5 hang power snatch @70% 1RM
4 hand release Burpees

You must attempt every round. For any round/s you fail to complete you must complete 6 hand release Burpees post WOD.

Skill: 15 one arm KB Swings (per arm) 53/35#.

We are adding a power lifting class and an Olympic lifting class in September. The details and guidelines for each are below. Not everyone will be able to attend these classes. We will have limited space. Further the power lifting class is only for advanced lifters. If you are interested in being a part of either or both classes, read the descriptions below and email me at crossfitrebellion@gmail.com
Please read the descriptions below prior to emailing me about the classes.

Power Lifting-Tuesdays 6:45pm.
•Designed to add strength rapidly for those who already have a solid base and a lot of experience with CF.
•For Advanced Lifters
•Must meet with Kyle to establish a lifting program that you will follow.
•Limited Spaces Available
•Must be able to attend on a weekly basis.
•Failure to attend will cost you your spot.
•Email me if interested. It will be first come first serve among qualified athletes.
•You must have a well developed Squat, Press and Deadlift to qualify for the class.
•If you don’t like to lift heavy this class is not for you.

Olympic Lifting Class- Saturdays 10:45am.
•Available for both experienced and novice lifters.
•Each participant will be classified based on ability level.
• You must be able to attend each week.
•Failure to attend will lead to your spot being given to someone else.
•Limited Spaces Available.
•Technique, drills and full lifts will be a regular part of this class.
• If you don’t like to lift heavy this class is not for you.

Details for the Upcoming CFR Team Competition will be revealed tomorrow.


  1. If you are participating in the nutrition challenge, I recommend following the 21DSD facebook page here. https://www.facebook.com/21daysugardetox?hc_location=stream They post great info and recipes multiples times per day.
    I am also posting info on our FB page as well. You can follow our page here. https://www.facebook.com/pages/CrossFit-Rebellion/109747308101

  2. Jonathan M says:

    Will there be a separate Facebook group this time for those doing the challenge?

    • I don’t feel like we really need one. The 21DSD already has a great one and they have a whole panel of ppl who answer questions quickly if you ask them. And I will use the CFR fb page to post about challenge info too.

  3. Congrats Peter

  4. Congrats Peter – I’m looking forward to you kicking my arse!

  5. Congrats Peter and Roxanne!

  6. peter, you’ll be such a great coach, and i’m looking forward to the new class options! yay CFR!

  7. Congrats you too 🙂

  8. CFR is getting a fantastic addition to their team in Peter Perez as a new CF instructor. He’s one of the most well read persons I know when it comes to nutrition, CrossFit technique, and fundamentals. CFR will only be better for adding Peter. Good Luck!

  9. Congrats Roxie and Peter!

  10. I made it through 9 rounds @ 70#. So 24 burpees it was. Looking forward to tomorrow!

  11. I got my KB in the mail today. The wide grip is great! It doesn’t hurt my hands at all!

  12. Thanks, everyone. I can’t wait to get to work with y’all. Congrats, Roxy.

  13. Congrats Peter and Roxanne! Such exciting news for both of you!

  14. So happy for you and your husband Roxanne!
    YAY for the addition of Peter! You’re going to be awesome!!