WOD 08-17-2011

6 Rounds

Run 200 M

20 Sit Ups

10 Double Push Up Burpees

Skill: 15 Pistols per leg

Fight Gone Bad 6 is coming September 17th.  Our gym will once again be taking part in this event.  I have established our team at www.fgb6.org Once you register you can select a team. At that point you will have a chance to join a team, select Crossfit Rebellion as your team.  You will be creating a fund raising page.  This a great cause and I hope each of you choose to participate.  In order to take part in the Fight Gone Bad Event you must create a page and raise funds.  We will be posting updates and information as the event draws closer. 


  1. I’m still engaged in a full-on war with my sinuses, but this one looks do-able. Hope to get back in the game tonight!

  2. you know that if it looks doable….its really gonna suck.
    just sayin……

  3. Ray Jackson says:

    6 rounds of anything will suck.

  4. Yeah, I don’t mean it won’t suck. Just that there’s nothing that the sinus madness would prevent me from doing (such as running longer distances).

  5. Robyn…damn, those are some wise words – I’ll be fighting gravity on those situps. Of late, I’ve been in the habit of double fisting Chips Ahoy cookies.

  6. Collin….if your gonna double fist a cookie….pick a better one that that.

  7. lisa wilson says:


  8. I’m not a big sweets guy. I’m all about what is already at the house. Don’t hate on my cookie choice.

  9. I am ashamed to say my brother and I crushed a package of Fudge Mint Oreos this weekend. Freaking delicious, but unfortunate.