WOD 08-17-2012

Complete the following with a partner:
75 Ring Dips (weighted box dips)
150 Burpees (deal with it)
300 Double Unders (tuck jumps)

The CFR Team Competition is only two weeks away. There is plenty of time to get your team together. Some people have expressed some concern about taking part in a “competition”. This event is designed to be fun for everyone at any level. The scaled division ensures that anyone at any level can compete and have a great time. If you have any doubts about your ability to participate please come and talk to me. The main goal of this event is to have fun, get to know your fellow CFR athletes and build our gym community. Also, remember that we need judges and spectators. We hope to see you there.


  1. the side note for the burpee sub is cruel but made me lol. the usual rules, each member has to do at least one rep of each movement & no working on one movement at the same time?

  2. You got it. Same rules.

  3. 4:30 is full.

  4. Britt B – I call double unders, you get burpees. I’ll compromise and do 2. Kthnxbye.

    • Puh-huh-LEEZ sista! That is NOT the way it’s going down. We could always just skip the burpees and get a DNF 😛

  5. i dont have a team!! 🙁