WOD 08-18-2016

CFR’s 1st Annual The Big Hopper 2016

  • Saturday September 17th.
  • 9:30 AM
  • Individual format
  • RX and scaled divisions
  • All participants will receive a free t-shirt (must sign up by Thursday, Aug 25th)
  • T-shirts for non participants are $20 (must pre order by Aug 25th)
  • After party celebration details coming soon!

The Saturday Hopper tradition was started late last year by Rebecca and Kyle. It was simply a way to pick a WOD to do at open gym that was not biased towards either of their preferences. The first hopper WOD was particularly nasty. It was 20-18-16-14-12-10 calorie row, deadlift, wall ball and burpees After we finished the WOD, several folks asked if we would be doing the hopper again the following Saturday. We did and the rest is history. Now every Saturday at 9:00am during open gym we draw a WOD from the hopper (a pumpkin bucket leftover from the CFR Halloween party) and an ever-growing number of participants complete the WOD together. Most Saturdays the group is so large, a second heat is required. Due to the popularity of the hopper, we have decided to make this years’ end of summer competition a hopper style event.


8/18 WOD:

30 ground to oh (clean grip) 175/125#
Skill:  5 wall walks

Mobility:  3 drills- squat chart