WOD 08-19-2013

The CFR Nutrition Challenge Starts Today.

4 Rounds for time:
20 Kettle Bell Swing 53/35#
10 Deadhang Pull Ups
20 Med Ball Cleans 20/14#

Skill: 10 Strict HSPU or 15 scaled HSPU.

The CFR Team competition is fast approaching. Start putting your team together. See the following for more detail:

CFR Team Competition September 13, 2013. Each team must be made up of 4 CFR members. Each team must have a minimum of 1 person of the opposite sex. We will have both RX and scaled divisions. Each participant will be required to pay a $20 fee. The fee will cover both a t-shirt and a post nutrition challenge cheat meal and beer. This competition will be open to every CFR member. The event is going to be a lot of fun. Everyone should feel comfortable taking part. Let me know if you have any questions. We will post a sign up sheet today.


  1. So far today I have had a couple of twigs and some tree bark. I feel great.

  2. some twigs, tree bark, coconut oil , and 100% cocoa you have your self a brownie

  3. Ahh, its the 100% cocoa I was missing. Ill try that for dinner.

    PS, crustless quiche should really be called doo doo, cause thats what it tastes like.

  4. 5 hrs in and whining already! 🙂
    Did you try that quiche from the book? I meant to warn people that that quiche is very bland. If you’re going to use that recipe I recommend adding bacon, ham (check ingredients), other meat, more salt & pepper, seasonings or herbs etc.
    I also have a quiche recipe that I think is better and has a lot more flavor. If you want it let me know and ill email it.

  5. So I’ve already realized…it’s hard to go hungry on the detox! Or it could be that my body is still feeding off the Mexican feast from this weekend…

    • Very true. A diet high in carbs leaves people feeling hungry and craving more carbs. I diet high in protein and fat eliminates hunger and carb cravings. Usually it takes people a while to adapt to that, but some people may notice it faster than others.

      • The quiche actually isnt that bad, but it could definately use MEAT…

        Send me your recipe if you dont mind. I see a lot of quiche in my future. Oh and bacon…

  6. If you find #21DSD appropriate bacon lemme know where you got this magical beast. Every one I’ve ever looked at has some form of sugar, even the “uncured” bacon at whole foods.

  7. 15:21. 35# KB swings and 14# med ball. Assisted pull-ups. Now for some food!

  8. @ Peter – Diane ok’s bacon. Her reasoning is that all bacon is cured with sugar so while it is in the ingredient list it usually isn’t even enough to register as grams of sugar on the nutrition label. It’s not sweet either so she feels its fine. Obviously you still need to buy good quality bacon that doesn’t have a bunch of other junk in it. I use AppleGate farms.

    • let the challenge Bacon (err… begin)!

    • I use the AppleGate deli meats too. I think she said that they’re okay as long as it’s less than 4g of carbs per serving. I’ll have to back and check.

      • Here is the part about bacon/deli meats. It’s in the FAQ portion of the download.
        Q: What about bacon or other cured meats with sugar in the ingredient list?
        A: These are allowed on The 21-Day Sugar Detox. Since the purpose of the
        detox is to remove most sweet tasting and dense-carb sources from your
        regular diet, these foods are fine for the 21 days. Just double check the grams of carbohydrates listed per serving. If it is under 4g, you’re good to go (which it should be on any meats that are cured this way as little sugar remains after the curing process is completed).

  9. My wife just made me pick up a cookie cake for my son’s class. Talk about torture.