WOD 08-20-2012

Burpee Pull Up Ladder
Full ROM on the Burpee and the Pull Up. If you are scaling the Pull Up, you must complete all Burpees and then complete all Pull Ups in the given minute. Any one who fails to complete 9 Rounds owes 30 penalty Burpees immediately following their WOD.

Also, Back Squat 5@75% 3@85% 1@95% of 1RM

It is monday, be sure to register for your classes. If a class you want is full on line, please add yourself to the wait list. If a spot opens up you will receive an email notification. If a class full and you come to the gym anyways, we can not add you. Due to limited space and equipment, on site additions to already full classes can no longer occur. Thanks for your understanding. Be sure to check mornings, lunches and 6:30pm classes for availability.

We will be adding mobility work to classes at CFR several days per week. The mobility work will be added in the coming weeks. This will be part of your class and will be lead by a CFR trainer. We are adding this in to help you get better results from your training. The better your body moves, the more you can accomplish in the gym. We look forward to adding this feature to your CFR classes.


  1. Will Lankford says:

    If anyone is interested in getting a CFR team for the Monkey C Monkey 5K (starts at Homewood Park) on Saturday, Sept. 8, let me know. A few of my friends are on the board for Camp Smile-A-Mile (the sponsor) and I thought it would be cool to get a CFR team. Reply to this message if interested. Thanks Will

    • Hey Will – I’m interested in running on a CFR team! I was actually already planning on running in this race anyway.

    • I’m down for a 5k, especially for a good cause. Is it team scored in addition to individuals?

  2. Thanks for the great class at 6:30am. I love your space. You all had great energy and were very welcoming. We look forward to many more drop ins and our future Wedding WOD. Thanks!

    Peter and Shannon-CrossFit NapTown