WOD 08-21-2013

Partner WOD
With a partner complete the following:
12 Minute AMRAP
SDHP 95/65
12 Knees To Elbows
Keep a total count of all SDHP completed as well as total cycles. One partner works on SDHP while the other completed 12 K2E. Continue to alternate for 12minutes.

Skill: 40 Back Extensions.

Be sure to sign up for the CFR team challenge. The sign up sheet is hanging beside the office window in the lobby.
The competition will be a lot of fun and we have a great after party planned.


  1. My apologies to my prospective partner in this. I’ve been a little *off* physio-mentally with this whole sugar detox thing.

  2. I ate bacon for the first time in forever this morning. lol not sure how the body is going to react to that…..

  3. Anybody know where you can get a duck around here? Of course it should be grassfed free range and all that crap…