WOD 08-22-2013

EMOM 10 Minutes
4 HPC @ 85% of 1RM
12 Double Unders

Skill: 25 Ring Dips or Weighted Ring Dips (scale with banded ring dips or weighted box dips).

Be sure to sign up for the team competition. It will be Sept 13th at 6 pm. We have several scaled and RX teams already signed up. If you are trying to decide about going RX or scaled: below is a list of movements that you will need to be capable of performing in order to go RX. These movements and loads may or may not be a part of the competition. They will be a good guideline for determining whether you should go RX or scale
• Running
• Burpees
• Deadlifts 225/155#
•Thrusters 95/65#
• Walking Lunge with plate overhead. 45/25#
• Wall Ball 20/14#
• Power Snatch 95/65#
If you are unsure about your ability to go RX, check with me. I will be happy to point you in the right direction.


  1. No penalty? 🙂

  2. Yes, penalty.
    At this point I think it goes without saying.
    The penty will be revealed to you once you arive at the gym.

  3. I have some comments regarding the 21 Day Detox:
    1. Never ever ever have a challenge that corresponds with back to school week. Unless it includes donuts of course.
    2. I feel like do do…
    That is all…

  4. I am sure your positive attitude will get you through the tough times.

  5. We need a team for the Komen 5K. I mean thats a cause I can get behind. Saving boobies should be everymans mission.

  6. and to prove I am not sexist, the ladies can work to save boobies too…

  7. Deuce… just “wow.” Keep calm and green banana.