WOD 08-23-2011

For Time:
75 Power Snatches 75/55#

Skill: Farmers Walk 53/35#. 3 trips to the wall of B&A and Back. You can rest between walks. Don’t drop the kettle bells on the ground. You can sit them down, please don’t drop them.


  1. That was tough! I feel like a wet noodle. Tomorrow will be a sore day!

  2. What did the kickball team end up being named?!?!

  3. Ballz to the Wall, I believe

  4. Is it with a “z” or an “s”? I think the original song (by German röck band Accept) was “Kugeln an der Wand”.

  5. The directions are a little ambiguous. So we ARE supposed to drop the kettlebells, right?

  6. lisa wilson says:

    Oh, I thought we were supposed to shot put the kettlebells. Good to know. Just drop them…

  7. Kettlebell Instructor says:

    It works best if you drop them and then drag them back.

  8. Chuck " The Snatch Master" Vann says:

    so. is any one going to make a run at my record tonight?

  9. Snatch Master in Training says:

    “Snatch Master” How long did it take you to bang out 75 last time?

  10. 13 year old says:

    snatch master…hehe

  11. Ronnies Mom says:

    My snatch is awesome!!!

  12. oh wow…for the record that wasn’t me.

  13. lisa wilson says:

    Are we still talking about working out?

  14. Only if it’s working out Deuce’s Mom!

  15. One man wolfpack says:

    It was me!!!

  16. Ronnie, I done told you, my mom would hurt you! Shes a whole lotta woman. You should start off easy (pun intended), and call up my sister.

  17. Chuck " The Snatch Master" Vann says:

    on 5-18 i went 6:19
    on 9-9 i went 6:06
    on 1-31 i went 5:39
    tonight i’m shooting for 10 flat

  18. Nice goal, chuck 🙂 we didn’t beat ya in the early a.m. Class but we all went sub-10.