WOD 08-23-2013

Every week when I post the lift of the week, the cancelations for the WOD start hitting my inbox. If you want to improve your fitness level, skipping out on lifting day is not the answer. Come in and lift. Commitment to all aspects of your fitness is critical if you want to reach your goals.

OHS 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

Run 1 Mile

Be sure to sign up for the team competition. We have several teams already committed. If you have already signed up be sure to go back and add your t-shirt size. Additionally, remember that the registration fee is $20 per participant. That fee covers your t-shirt and after party food and beer/beverage.


  1. I hate I’m missing the OHS. Really. I like that one.

  2. This post makes the fact that I have to cancel again today even worse but I am canceling because I am swamped getting ready for my fundraiser……… Speaking of fundraisers, this Sunday is Shake, Rattle & Roll at Avondale Brewery! There will not be anything edible there if you are doing the challenge but it will still be big fun! And you will get to see two of our CFR peeps display some hidden talents!!! Tickets are $15 each but if you go to http://parkinsonalabama.org/tickets/ and use the coupon code Birmingham you will get $5 off regular admission! Hope to see y’all there!

  3. CFR peeped displaying hidden talents???? This could get interesting…..

  4. If you haven’t yet. I would recommend visiting the Mainsite today.

  5. Oh AND it is family friendly……… AND we will be raffling off a Harley Davidson Fat Boy…….. AND it is 100% tax deductible 🙂

  6. …..And CFR is a sponsor! 🙂

  7. 2:00 right Casey?

  8. Are we doing a CFR team for the Monkey C Monkey 5K run?

  9. I’ve offered to set up a team multiple times and haven’t really had a lot of interest. If you can find a few people who want to do it I am happy to set up the team. I think you need 5. Robertson mentioned he wanted to run.

    • I would love to do the run! I have wanted to do a 5K for some time now and having a team to do it with will help motivate me.

  10. Day 5 of 21DSD and I woke up with no congestion!!!! I also survived a rehearsal dinner last night without cheating, so lets hope I have the same will power tonight at the wedding.

    • Thats awesome Lauralee!! Grains also cause a lot of congestion for me and I had no idea until I tried paleo for the first time years ago. So glad you’re having good results and that you’ve been able to stick with it!! Now if you could just convince that husband of yours 🙂

    • Yay for no congestion and no cheating!! I brought my pudding to the rehearsal dinner last night (bc there is no way I could just SIT and WATCH them) and got lots of funny (aka jealous) looks. Proud of you girl! Hang in there tonight! We got this!

  11. Count me in for the 5k.

  12. Scott & Kristi – ya’ll have to 9/1 to recruit 3 others. Thats the cutoff date for registering a team. I’ll post on FB about it.

  13. I think Put should be barred from posting here again. I visited the main site and I was frightened.

    PS, We need a team for the Susan B Komen 5k. Its pretty much the only 5k I ever ran before joining the gym and after the first mile it kicked my tail so I want to go back and avenge my loss.

    • And did I mention I support saving boobies.

      PS, I love saying boobies, it makes me feel 7 again.

      • Komen is WAY too crowded. It’s almost impossible to run because there are so many strollers, dogs and walkers. And I think the course for Monkey C Monkey is so much better.

    • Either 5K works for me or even both. I just want to do one…especially now that I no longer feel like I have the flu because of the detox and withdrawals from sugar,

      • I feel like do do. Seriously, the first couple of days I didnt feel it, but today is BAD. I griped earlier but that was the caffeine talking, but today I feel like I was run over. Alima is that normal? Should I run to the ER?
        My guess is one of two things:
        1. With my gut it took 5 days for all the leftovers to process and I am just now running out of sugar in my blood stream 🙂
        2. I’m not getting enough calories
        3. Im a big baby, wait scratch that one cause we know it to be true.

        Im thinking about drinking a bottle of EVOO was the calories and seeing if that helps. Im sorta serious, I feel BAD.

  14. We are emailing you Duece

  15. Thanks Alima!

  16. Robertson says:


    I’d really like to get a team together for the Monkey C 5K. Do you know anyone else who might be interested?

  17. Robertson says:

    I’ll be at open gym tomorrow, anyone who’s interested in running the 5K, feel free to stop and by and let’s see if we can’t get something organized

  18. I’ll be doing this tomorrow. JLP