WOD 08-24-2011

4 Rounds, Rest 2 minutes between each round.  Post total time.

Run 400M

20 Pull Ups

20 Burpess

20 Lunges

Skill:  15 Pistols Per Leg

Please remember to sign up for Fight Gone Bad 6.  Go to www.fgb6.org and create an account, fund raising page and join our team.  So far only three people have joined in the fight to help those American Soldiers who need our help the most.  Please get involved and help this great cause. 



  1. Good Burgener video on the main site today.

  2. What the hell people?!?! I go away for one day and you guys cant come up with more than 1 friggin comment? I give up! I’m going back to Ronnie’s moms place and taking a nap.

  3. You were gone?

  4. Thats funny, I dont take naps until after I leave Deuce’s moms place