WOD 08-25-2013

Week 2 Nutrition Challenge:
We have been hearing a lot of great success stories. Keep up the good work.

For Time:
Buy In: Run 800M
Split Any Way you want
55 Wall Ball
55 SDHP 95/65#
55 Pull Ups
Cash Out: Run 1 Mile

The deadline to register your team and pay your $20 entry fee for the competition will be Thursday of this week. Remember, the fee covers after party food and beverage (definite cheat meal) and an event t-shirt. If you have already signed up, be sure to go back and add your t-shirt size. I need to order the shirts on Friday. I want to make sure everyone gets the size they want.

If you have committed to the Tuesday power lifting class make sure you meet with me to finalize your lifting program. This is a requirement for the class.


  1. Elizabeth Bouffanie says:

    Up late cooking our meals for the week. We LOVE 21DSD! 😉

  2. OK, I made it through the weekend and I dont feel like I am dying anymore. The haze isnt completely gone, but I have renewed comfidence I will make it so thats good.

    Now that being said, what the h–l Kyle. I havent had sugar in a week and you want me to run a mile and a half. I hate you…

    • good job deuce!
      I’m minus 10#.

      • Put is kickin some tail.

        I’m down somewhere in the 6-10 range, which I started at 284 so I had plenty of room for improvement. My energy was crap late last week so I only got in 2 WOD (M & T). I hope to get in at least 3 this week so hopefully Ill have a sixpack by saturday.

  3. Nice job, josh!

  4. Duece,
    Stay strong. The hard part is almost over.
    Really proud of everyone who has had the mental toughness to stick with it through some challenging times. .

    Nice job Putman.

    • I think I have turned the corner. Im still a little weak physically but my head is back to 90% normal. I think I got this…

      PS, I am g oing to the beach this weekend on a SCUBA trip so I know ill be tested, but we eat a lot of fresh fish (as in an hour out of the ocean) when we do these trips so I think I can make it. Just gotta stay away from the nutter buddies they always bring on the boat. I dont think theyre approved are they?

      • I was worried about my excursion to Little River Canyon this past Saturday since I knew everyone else would be taking things that were definitely off limits. My cold cuts, chicken breast, brazil nuts, carrots and green apple along with a couple of liters of water got me through the day without any problems. I did get some looks, however, at McDonalds when all I ordered was a small water. FYI, it cost 32 cents. This weekend will be a bigger challenge. I hope my mom still loves me on Labor Day after I tell her “I can’t have that” several dozen times.

  5. What? Nutter buddies aren’t paleo??

    You can do it, Deuce!

  6. Yeah Labor Day is going to be hard. I just realized that was this weekend. I’m counting on jay to come up with a 21DSD approved BBQ sauce recipe before then.

    • Glad you said BBQ. I have a frozen Boston Butt that I need to thaw out. That takes care of part of the weekend. Yeah Jay, get to work on a BBQ sauce!

  7. If your on the waiting list how are you notified if there is a cancellation?

  8. So if you’re on this diet and you’re losing weight, let’s say at the rate of 5# over the past week, is it more likely that your body is burning fat for fuel or cannibalizing protein from your muscles? (Because, frankly, it feels like the latter.)

  9. In the absense of carbs, your body will burn fat as fuel. How fast your body makes the conversion from using carbs to using fat for energy depends on many variables. So be patient if you don’t quite feel like that’s happening yet.

  10. I’m making the Paleo Crockpot Ketchup recipe tonight – I’ll DEF have to come up with a BBQ sauce. I was thinking it would involve bacon-caramelized onions and smoked paprika. I may also try a rif on Drew’s Bacon Jam.

  11. Bacon jam???? I need more details.

  12. The only bacon jam recipe I see has to be like $1000 dollars to make. Have you seen bacon prices? It calls for 3 pounds, thats like $1bn.

  13. The night before the challenge started we went to Jim n Nick’s (props to Drew!). We got bacon jam, hummus, pimiento cheese, ribs, fries, creamed collards, and pecan pie. The Bacon Jam is amazing. You spread it on cornbread at the restaurant but think of all the ways you could use such a condiment! It’s salty, sweet, and savory. Just perfect.

    I’ll develop a paleo recipe.

  14. I timed myself with the running. My time was 34:26. Rx’ed the SDHP and wall balls. Assisted pull-ups.