WOD 08-27-2013

For Time:
30 Snatches 135/95#
Compare to 02-28-2013

Skill: 30 back extensions
30 GHD Sit Ups

Martin is putting together a little fantasy football league for anyone at the gym to join. At this point, there are 5 spots tentatively reserved, so up to 7 spots remain. If you are interested, let me know and I’ll give Martin your email to send you an invite. There will be a small buy in of $20 each to go to the winner(s) at the end. The online draft will most likely be next Monday evening.

The deadline to register your team and pay your $20 entry fee for the competition will be Thursday of this week. Remember, the fee covers after party food and beverage (definite cheat meal) and an event t-shirt. If you have already signed up, be sure to go back and add your t-shirt size. I need to order the shirts on Friday. I want to make sure everyone gets the size they want.

If you have committed to the Tuesday power lifting class make sure you meet with me to finalize your lifting program. This is a requirement for the class.


  1. Favorite WOD today (or one of them)…I can do this…

  2. Speaking of Saturday, any changes to calendar for Labor Day weekend?

  3. KyleDeneke says:

    Saturday is normal hours. Monday we will be closed.

  4. Y’all have fun. Sitting in my dentist’s office waiting to back for a crown replacement. Fun afternoon!

  5. Y’all snatch hard for me…on call.. wherp wherrr…. :/