WOD 08-29-2011


100 Pull Ups

100 Push Ups

100 Sit Ups

100 Squats

You must be finished before the next class starts. 

This WOD is on your info sheet. Be sure to add your time to your list



  1. Check out my man Knowshon Moreno getting ready for the season with some C-fit http://vimeo.com/27423280

  2. Can’t remember…does this have to be in the stated order? Or can you break up?

  3. Stephen…….awesome video! do you know Shon? GO DAWGS!!!!

  4. Donna,
    Must be completed in order.

  5. No – He is one of my favorite Dawgs though.

  6. Anyone up for the Tough Mudder, Feb 11, 2012 in Georgia? It would be fun if we could get a large group to go and represent CFR. Brian has set up a team as Crossfit Rebellion, PW: brain on their website. Here is the address as well:

  7. Sounds like fun, but its only fair that you know, if I die (heart attack, broke neck, etc) I will blame you!

  8. This song is been in my head since this morning.
    Check out charlie killin it on the drums.

  9. So does that mean the time limitation on the 6:15 class is to be finished by 5:30am? Because I might need all of that time.