WOD 08-31-2010

Cindy 20 min AMRAP

5 Pull Ups

10 Push Ups

15 Squats

Intro class tonight.  The class will start at 6:45 pm  Please come in and get your WOD done before 6:45 if at all possible.  We will also have intro class on Thursday. 


  1. 12 last time, going for 14. has a bit of a pullup epiphany tonight and will see where it takes me.

  2. ooo… i want in on the pull-up epiphany!
    i know there were SEVERAL improvements had by the morning crew today! i got 7 rounds last time using the skinny purple band, and got 8 this morning rx’d! woo hoo! my hands are now ready for the rest (btw, no rips!)

  3. Great job morning crew! Everyone improved from their pre-nutrition challenge Cindy!
    Alison gets the most improved award going from 10 rounds last time to 13! Great job Alison!

  4. good job A!!!!!
    Phil, share you pull up ephiphany. I need help with mine. hate to miss this one but I missed it 30 days ago too. So, whenever I do it, it has to be better than before….right?

  5. Thanks ya’ll. I got the “Push away from the bar on your way down” today. It increases the speed of the downward kip, giving you more momentum.
    Everyone did good today. Another pm’er came to the am class – Michael. Isn’t it nice to be done for the day!

  6. Way to go, y’all!

  7. Good Job A!
    I start back working tomorrow!!!
    Working for Fastenal down the street from the gym as an outside sales rep.

  8. Putman, that’s awesome news!

  9. congrats, josh!
    okay…have to share this flavor cupcake that dreamcakes has – i haven’t had one, but am totally swinging by there the next time it’s available! (it was a friday flavor for august)
    Butter cake, maple filling & frosting, topped with savory bacon crumbles.

  10. I have heard of the mythic BACON MAPLE CUPCAKE

  11. Kyle and I tried a chocolate bar with bacon in it once. It was interesting.

  12. Kyle Deneke says:

    Way to go Putman. Glad that you are employed again.

  13. The Brain says:

    Yes; welcome to the world of gainful employment. For those that don’t know, what product or service do they (you, now) sell? Should we ask for Putman when buying/renting/scheduling one?

  14. Congrats Josh! When you have your feet under you, you should call on the company I work for…. we’ll talk.
    I have tasted said cupcake. It’s good – really sweet. I liked the lemon one better, so I recommend getting a sampler and sharing with friends (ahem…).

  15. breaking news: cupcakes are yummy

  16. i am always up for cupcake sharing with friends!