WOD 08-31-2015

  We had a great turnout for the team competition and CFR member appreciation pool party. Thanks to everyone who came out and made both events so much fun. The CFR community is without a doubt the very best.  **(Special thanks to JT for providing the beer for the party. It was enjoyed by everyone.)** The next CFR event is just around the corner. The details for the 7th annual WOD or Treat party will be posted soon. Go ahead and start getting your costume ready. 
Today’s WOD

4 Rounds Run 400M

20 ring dips

30 sit ups 

50 double Unders

Skill:  30 hip extensions 

Mobility:  3 drills from the running chart


  1. Let’s see – for WOD or Treat, doctor and nurse have already been done. I guess there’s anesthesiologist, brain surgeon, x-ray tech…

  2. You’re not allowed to wear any form of scrubs.