WOD 08-18-2010

1 Box Jump and 1 Push up the first minute, two of each the second…

Continue until you fail to complete the work in the minute.  Push ups will be heavily scrutinized. 

Please register and raise funds for FGB V.  Follow the link on the left. 


  1. REMINDER! Party at my place this Friday night starting around 8pm, in the City Federal Bldg (2nd Ave N at Richard Arrington Blvd). I’m at #1003, you can either find me on the register outside the building, or call me at 973-342-6302 once you’re outside, and I’ll come down and find you. Bring food, alcohol, single friends, married friends, any or all of the above! Everyone’s invited! Including Janie.

  2. heavily scrutinized push-ups… doesn’t sound good!
    sri, looking forward to friday – thanks for hosting!
    okay, signed up for fgbV and sponsored myself to get the ball rolling on the donations… whew! LOTS going on in cfr world!

  3. I’m afraid my jumpers may be busted after last night.

  4. so Kyle…..can I draw a chalk box?

  5. Just for a laugh – rejected food pyramids:

  6. Hmmmm…posted yesterday’s WOD to BTWB. Josh, any idea how to post today’s? Can’t figure out the formatting.

  7. Donna I have a contact at btwb if you need me to email them

  8. Kyle Deneke says:

    Thanks to both Jackie and Kelley for getting on board with this fund raiser. If all goes well this will be the first big event in our new facility.

  9. Kyle Deneke says:

    Thanks to all the others who have signed up to raise money. I was really pleased when I logged in to check our team status and saw that many of you are joining this great cause.

  10. Kyle Deneke says:

    Susanna, you can just use that circle from the other day. As you know, it will be there forever.

  11. Nice call on a push-up reality check Kyle (air squats could use the same thing).
    Just knocked out a 8:30 Annie (using abmat). PR by 1:02. I can believe the low 7 minute range with anchored feet & no abmat. I am simply not seeing how it’s done in the 5 minute range. That’s one I’d have to see it to believe it.
    Cool on the party Sri!

  12. you bum looka! cheeky monkey!

  13. Kyle Deneke says:

    As a certified trainer and affiliate owner and as the person who has trained every member of CFR I could not disagree more regarding squats.

  14. Fair enough.