WOD 08-23-2010

35 Hang Power Cleans 155/110#

Every time you drop the bar (or the bar touches the ground) you must do 7 burpees before you can continue.


  1. oh my.

  2. Just call me Scaley McScaleovitch.

  3. Kyle Deneke says:

    You both know that you are excited about this one.

  4. this sounds like a potential puker. I’m with you Mr. Scaley McScaleovitch!

  5. That’s 10 less hang cleans than DT at least.

  6. OOhhh how I was hoping for lower body today. It hurts my arms to raise/lower my coffee cup. And my coffee cup is not big.

  7. Chuck and Brain, its time to start thinking of ways around this that kyle hasn’t posted on the whiteboard. lets get to work.

  8. Kyle Deneke says:

    Rules are subject to change at the time of the WOD. All protests will be resolved following the WOD.
    Dave- don’t forget your mouth gaurd.

  9. btw, i’ll be a late comer tonight like prior weeks. 110# won’t be happening here… at least, not without having to do 35×7 burpees!

  10. Word Kyle, grill protection is important.
    Are we taking the weight overhead or just to the power position?

  11. hang clean – stop at the rack.

  12. The Brain says:

    “Every time the bar touches the ground…”. So we’re able to stand there & hold the bar, put the bar on the squat rack or flat bench, rest the bar on some 24″ boxes, or even have someone else hold the bar for us (as long as they don’t let it touch the ground) to rest & avoid the burpee penalty. Right?

  13. Kyle Deneke says:

    Yes Brain that is correct.
    However, I will not allow any equipment to be used today other the bar, clips, and weights. No squat racks, flat benches, boxes or the like. Also, you may not have anyone else hold your bar for you. It is unlikely that you will be able to avoid doing at least 1 set of burpees.

  14. i’m scaling this to 50#

  15. I’m am sitting this one out. After Saturday’s 120 pull-ups and dips I feel like that kid from “A Christmas Story” that could not put his arms down.

  16. The Brain says:

    Well Brian K., I gave it a try!
    No scale for me; hello burpees…

  17. I’m still thinking. there has got to be a way around burpees. dont worry guys, i wont let you down.

  18. what if you stack the weights (usable equipment for tonight) and rest it on that. technically, the stacked weights are on the ground, not the bar being lifted…

  19. good effort brain. Cmon Chuck! What about the clips. what if the clips touch the ground but the weight/bar doesn’t?