WOD 09-02-2010

5 Rounds
10 squat cleans 95/65#
10 Burpees


  1. Hmmmmm…

  2. Good job morning crew!
    Happy Birthday Chuck!! CFR has a special birthday gift for you… We will allow you to do this fun WOD twice! Lucky you! 🙂

  3. hey Chuck….Happy Birthday!

  4. happy birthday, chuck! how are you going to celebrate 21 this year? 🙂
    as for this wod…alima, don’t lie. i sucked it up. it owned me and that’s all i’m going to say about that. HOWEVER, alison & john rocked it! nice job!!!
    chuck, for your birthday, i will not complain about being too tired or how my back is worn out tonight during our games… i think i did enough of that this morning :\

  5. Well, Jackie, I was just going to reluctantly ask whether this one has hidden suck factor or not. But I guess you answered it.

  6. also, i’m gathering the grassfed beef orders. if you didn’t receive an email from me this morning, please email me at peekaboohaker@hotmail.com and i will send it to you. thanks!

  7. Jackie, do you have a relative that works at Southern Company (or at least used to), Charles Boohaker, by any chance?

  8. 65 lb squat clean = ugh. Multiply by fifty. It’s bad.

  9. that’s my older brother… and hopefully he still works there (supposedly visiting a plant or something yesterday/today)… otherwise, that’s news to me!

  10. http://www.againfaster.com/the-micd-instructor/2008/4/19/fixing-the-squat.html
    Great tutorial by Again Faster on improving the squat.

  11. The WOD this morning was a rough one. My cleans got so dirty I had to stop after 3 rounds. Being new I am still trying to get the correct form. I would rather do it right than get hurt. I am just trying to give a reasonable excuse as to why I am so lame that I could not finish. Have fun tonight! Congrats to all of you that can finish this one. It is rough. Happy Birthday Chuck!

  12. Great tutorial Donna. I can’t wait to try the kettle bell squat and see if that will help correct my form.

  13. Thanks alot for the well wishes you guys. I really appreciate them. Man, i wish i could do this workout today. OK Not really. but I will be doing it in spirt as we tear through the competition tonight in our volleyball tournement. Wish us all luck!

  14. phil, thanks for pointing out that i have an immature squat :\

  15. We got this! The bar is mine!! Yay BURPEES! Ain’t no clean like a squat clean!!! (just trying to inject some positivity for those of us who have yet to experience the pleasantness of this WOD). Woo. Jackie, we clearly need an insprirational WoW.

  16. heehee… soooo…by request this week’s WoW is going to be not one, but TWO inspirational quotes…heehee.
    It is idle to dread what you cannot avoid.
    Publius Syrus
    You may not realize it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you.
    Walt Disney

  17. oops – i commented earlier that phil posted the squat video… my bad! that was actually DONNA who pointed out my immature squat. sorry, phil… just jumped to conclusions :\

  18. That was immature of you, Jackie.

  19. well, as i recall, he is the one that called robyn & i strippers…

  20. Ok. That makes more sense. I was getting really confused and wondering how I missed Phil’s comment. Haha.

  21. I most certainly did not call you and Robyn strippers. I merely implied that the two of you would know where strippers purchased their clothes.

  22. FYI – the botanical garden has a class about raising chickens in an urban/suburban environment. I though it looked pretty cool and figured some of the grass fed beef peeps my too.
    Here is the url, http://www.bbgardens.org/adult.php, scroll down to the bottom third or so and you’ll find it.

  23. …might too.

  24. oh, we just dress like strippers… no problem, that’s much better! 😉
    chickens, cows… while it does seem interesting, i think i’ll let the pros raise my food… i would end up with lots and lots of pets. now that seminar on lawn care, i probably should attend that one – the neighbors would appreciate it!

  25. Wow. Between strippers doing immature squats and chicken raising, I am confused. CFR has some interesting… umm… extracurricular activities.

  26. haha! welcome to the club, shera! 🙂

  27. You guys are going everywhere today…

  28. everywhere and no where… i’m out! have a great wod, all! off to kick v’ball tail!

  29. Yay, happy birthday, Chuck! Hope it’s been happy so far. 🙂
    Oh, and apparently chickens are all the rage in Portland, where city ordinance allows someone to own up to 3 chickens as pets. I would do it for the eggs, but I don’t have a yard…

  30. Happy Birthday, Chuck!

  31. YO! hey guys. just checkin’ in to see what’s up. looks like y’all are killin’ it lately. great job on Fran the other day (i see you Sri… nice work!). happy b’day, Chuck. congrats on the new space, Kyle and Alima. big-ups to all the Paleo peeps.
    things are going well for Amber and I. we’re adapting nicely to our new home ‘n whatnot.
    take care of my boy, John. he’s some damn fine people.
    we’ll catch ya on the flip side.

  32. Carter! We miss you and amber a bunch, glad you’re doing well up in NC… the gym is growing by leaps and bounds with plenty of fun new people, you’d love the atmosphere in here… keep staying strong, man, good to hear from you!