WOD 09-03-2014

3 Rounds
Run 800M
21 Power Cleans 135/95#
Compare to: 03-18-2014

Mobility: 3 drills from the running chart.



  1. seems like there’s gonna be some kind of catch…

  2. When was the last time we did this?

  3. 10-01-2013. Just posted.

  4. the box command keeps saying my password or email is wrong,. Even after I requested password as I have forgotten it still saying wrong. Don’t know why.. 🙁

  5. Run 800 and then just do 21 power cleans. If only it were that simple…

  6. Sometimes I get tired of CrossFit, and then there’s a WOD like this and CF totally redeems itself!

  7. If there is ever a WOD named after me, and admittedly the odds of that are pretty bad at this point, I’d like 50 power cleans for time to be referred to as “Brain”.