WOD 09-07-2011

Fight Gone Bad 6 is almost here.  It is not to late for you to create a fundraising page and take part in the fun.  Go to www.fgb6.org , create a page and join team crossftit rebellion.  We will be going to CF Birmingham on the 17th to take part in the event.  The event will be over by 11:00 and you will have time to get home and watch all the football games that day.  Last year we had the largest group at the event.  As it stands right now, the CFR participation is NOT very strong.  Please come out and represent CFR on the 17th.  It will be a great time for a great cause. 


Buy in: Run 800M

AMRAP  until the clock hits 12 Min.

5 Burpees

7 Push Press 95/65#

9 SDHP 95/65#

Cash Out: Run 800M

Post Rounds and Total time




  1. So…clock starts on first run, then amrap until 12 minutes. At 12 minutes run another 800. Is that correct?

  2. yep

  3. Ray Jackson says:

    We need to liven this board up, you guys are killing me.
    Where should we start? Ronnies mom?

  4. lisa wilson says:

    That’s always a good subject.

  5. Ronnies Dad, or at least thats what she says! says:

    Lisa, I agree. Much like thrusters, Ronnies mom never fails to bring it…

  6. lisa wilson says:

    I did a mom joke to someone, and their mother had passed away. So I try to refrain from those now, unless I know the person’s parents are alive. I tend to put the foot in the mouth.