WOD 09-09-2010


For time:

75 Power Snatches  75/50#



  1. Anyone feeling a little Randy today???

  2. ali b! she did 75 55# snatches in 7:30! she rocked those snatches!

  3. no Randy for me. thanks though! Good Job A!

  4. Today seems like as good a day as any to prove that I’m not good at *every* WOD… I don’t think I could do the *trainer bar* 75 times in 7:30, Alison’s snatch is just way too strong.

  5. if you’re like me and suck at double-unders the mainsite has a good instructional video, Double-unders with Mikko Salo at CrossFit Santa Cruz, under today’s wod

  6. ummm… i just realized this says 50# for women… alima, why did we do 55# this morning???

  7. Kyle Deneke says:

    It should say 55#. Oops!

  8. whew! i feel a bit better knowing alima didn’t trick us into more weight…if anything, we should get lighter weights since we are early birds!

  9. Alima Deneke says:

    Chuck are you going to let Sri talk about Alison’s snatch like that?
    And Jackie… now you know who’s the brains of the family 🙂

  10. He only speaks the truth. She does have a very strong snatch. It is truly something to behold.

  11. oh my ears….Chuck…really? this is a family site.
    I bet I would be better at my double unders if I had my own jump rope…..