WOD 09-10-2014

Double Baseline
Row 1000M
80 Squats
60 Sit Ups
40 Push Ups
20 Pull Ups
compare to: 02-21-2014

Mobility: 3 drills from the squat chart.

Let me know if you are interested in running the Camp Smile A Mile 5K this Saturday. We would love to have a team in the race.



  1. Count me in if yall get a team together for Saturday!

  2. Rebecca – we are forming a team (Joe, Elizabeth, Tiffany, Robertson, and me so far). I’ve reached out to the race organizer to confirm that we can register a team during race-day registration. If so, we should plan to arrive at Homewood Park by 7:30am.

  3. Are the results from the last double baseline on 2/21 posted anywhere?? I could not find them on the WOD Blog

  4. Not sure what happened to the results. Sorry about that.