WOD 09-13-2010

For time:

100 Games Standard Push Ups (Unbroken)

3 Med Ball cleans for each time you stop.  Med ball cleans will be completed after push ups.  Med ball cleans should be unbroken. 

You will be penalized for stops during your med ball cleans.

Please remember that we will be starting late today.  We will not start until 5:45.  I will be in ASAP to start classes. 


  1. Wow. Mystery penalty. Gotta love that.

  2. Ok, so define “stop” in the game standard push up. Is it a time limit for laying there with our hands off the ground…?

  3. Damn, Kyle is getting feisty…

  4. Kyle Deneke says:

    Brain, I will let you know as soon as you “stop”.

  5. @ Kyle, you should definitely keep your eyes on Brain. Wouldn’t want him to get away with “stopping”.
    @ Brain, we should be in the same group on different ends of the gym so he can’t see both of us at once.

  6. i’m tentative on being there.

  7. I think Brain, Dave, and Chuck should form a barrier around a couple of the smaller crossfitters so Kyle isn’t able to see their ‘stops’. Like a herd of bull elephants protecting their calves.

  8. @Kyle: I need a little advance warning that I’m going to be counted as “stopped”. How about a 5-second heads-up that I’m coming up on a “stop”?
    @Dave: Sounds like a plan; we’ll take turns “stopping”.
    @Sri: That’s just crazy-talk. Then he could see everyone at once.

  9. @Brain – not if you trumpet real loud and try to charge him once or twice. That will keep the lion (er, the trainer) at bay and soon he will grow frustrated and be on the search for easier prey. (Yes, I am watching Discovery Channel at work.)

  10. Jackie, is your tentativeness based on the WOD itself? Not a night I’m sorry to not be able to make Monday workouts. Although I might do the 100 GS push-ups at home, the person calling the penalties (my cat) promises to be much more lenient.

  11. @ Brain and Sri – if all of the above plans fail we could all slow down at the same time that way it looks like we are all still going but we’ll really be in slow mo. no relative measure to judge us.
    we’ll go old school mad libs style for the secret plan initiation phrase.
    brain, you think of an animal (real or imaginary).
    sri, you think of a verb.
    i’ll think of a place.
    for example, “oxnard jumping liger”

  12. @Sri: I tried that earlier on before you were on the scene; didn’t work out so well.
    @Dave: Good idea; we’ll be dodging “stops” like we’re in The Matrix.

  13. Or….. Just thinking, Maybe we could do them all and only stop once or twice? then it wouldnt be so bad.

  14. just make your stops count. You know like for 2 or 3 days.

  15. Kyle Deneke says:

    Brain, I am warning you now, you are coming up on a stop.

  16. :o)

  17. donna, tentative b/c i’m going on little sleep and still have to finish work and coach a practice. i hate to miss this one (really, i need to work my push-ups), but am going to have to skip for sanity’s sake… i just hope i can keep it together enough to get thru a practice with 9 tween girls!

  18. p.s. i may attempt the 100 push-ups at home (i’ll even count my stops and make them up after tomorrow’s wod) if i have the energy… IF.

  19. ok. Heres what were gonna do. Kyle please dont read this. About every 5 or so pushups, we need people who are not in our round to yell OWWW! really loud and fall down. While Kyle is distracted we rest. After about 5 or so more, another person yells OWW! and falls down. We will continue this until it doesnt work anymore, then we have to get the gun out and start shooting it in the parking lot. This should buy us a few minutes rest. After this quits working, we will have to have someone drive their car into the garage door. Again, this will buy us another rest. If we are still not finished after all of this, we might have to do some med ball cleans.

  20. i nominate chuck’s motorcycle to go into the garage door… how do you feel about that plan now, chuck? πŸ˜‰

  21. Just have Susanna start drawing chalk circles on the mats – that will really get his attention. Plus, then we get the added benefit of chalk circles on the mats.

  22. Done!and this time I will bring the colored sidewalk chalk… perhaps I will draw the herd of bull elephants and their calves… Have a feeling that I am going to get shaken down at the door to make sure I am sans chalk πŸ™‚

  23. no worries, susanna! in a climbing gym, there’s NEVER a shortage of chalk! i think a better plan would be for you to start doing box jumps… that would really keep his eyes off the rest! πŸ˜‰

  24. in due time my friend, in due time….. πŸ™‚