WOD 09-13-2012

For Time:
3 Rounds
Run 400 M
50 Squats
30 Pull Ups

Skill: Farmers Walk 70/44# (4 down and back)

We have some great events coming up in the next few months. The 4th annual WOD or Treat party, The CFR Fall Paleo Challenge, as well as some specialty classes on Saturday’s. Be sure to keep an eye out for dates and times.


  1. Paleo Challenge, bring it.

  2. I love these seminars on Paleo…. Questions People Ask always have me cracking up….. Is a Double Bacon Cheese Burger form Mc Donalds with a Super Size Firies Paleo? 🙂
    Kyles facial expressions are Priceless

  3. I need a scaled version of Paleo 🙂 Just joking I am serious;ly going to do it this time…

  4. Brain; because who else polices grammar? says:

    *Saturdays. Plural.
    (Sorry; that’s my pet peeve.)

  5. Brain, if only your fitness level would catch up with your grammar skills.