WOD 09-13-2013

Against a partner:
4 Rounds
200 M Run
Deadlift (select weight with partner)

Try to partner with someone with a similar lifting ability if possible. If partnering with someone of the opposite sex, the female weight should be as close to 70% of the male partners weight as possible. One runs while the other lifts. After four rounds compare total number of deadlifts completed. Who ever has the lowest number of deadlifts must make up the difference in double push up burpees. It is important that you run fast to limit your partners time to deadlift.

CFR Team Challenge Tonight:
Gym will be closed following the 3:45 class.
Gym will re-open at 5:45 for warm ups.
Rules announcement and first WOD announced at 6:15.
First scaled WOD immediately following 6:15 announcements.

If you committed to participate on a team please don’t skip out tonight. Your teammates are counting on you to show up and participate.


  1. Evil genius. It’s beautiful.