WOD 09-20-2011

16 Min. AMRAP
7 Pull Ups
9 Power Cleans 135/95#
20 Double Unders (sub tuck jumps 1:1)

Skill: Snatch Balance with PVC or Light Bar.

KickBall Thursday @ George Ward Park: 7:30, Field 7.  Get your WOD in and grab your cooler and head to the game.  Prepare to be amazed as CFR's team, Ballz to the Wall dominates the competition.



  1. Hey, I think I saw someone post this yesterday, but is anyone planning to do the barbellforboobs workout? It’s Grace, I think CF Birmingham is hosting one, not sure of anywhere else. Thoughts?

  2. I was planning on attending but Heather and I have a wedding or some other silly event that afternoon. I am about 50-50 at this point. I think it would be fun, plus I signed up for the 5k the following weekend. I am all about saving the boobies. If there ever was a cause I could SUPPORT, thats it.

  3. lisa wilson says:

    I can get a “I LOVE BOOBIES” belt at a store next door to work if anyone wants one. They come in an array of colors.

  4. That’s very very tempting, but I tried to put the “Save the Boobies” sticker on my car and my wife said that wasn’t very appropriate. One of these days I will convince her to let me be a man again, I just know it.

  5. We will be posting some big news regarding the 3rd annual “WOD or Treat” Party and the Barbell for Boobs WOD in the next day or two.

  6. maybe a “Will WOD for boobs” shirt is in order

  7. Definitely!!! I would ROCK a “Will WOD for Boobs” t-shirt. Could we put shelikesthrusters.com on the back!?!?!?!

  8. I would go for one of those if it was a black tank with hot pink writing (we could go with another color for the guys) and maybe find some way to work in the Breast Cancer Awareness logo. Then that could be our tank for the Race for the Cure race too!

  9. don’t lie duece. you know your wife wont let you wear it.

  10. Duece, I still have a white shirt I ordered for you out of the last run that youve never picked up.

  11. Maybe if you write “I love boobies” on it with a Sharpie, he’ll get it.

  12. It should say “I <3 boobies" with the heart being formed by two overlapping hands... Just my two cents worth.

  13. I like Jackie’s idea!

  14. With black shirts and hot pink print of course :o)

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