WOD 09-21-2010


Pull Ups
Push Ups
Sit Ups

Add low scores for each movement.


  1. How does the time work again? 20 minutes total…?

  2. 8 rounds, 20 sec work, 10 sec rest per move… so whatever that calculates.
    AM crew did well! it was a good start to tuesday 🙂

  3. my legs fill like jello now…just saying.

  4. ha! you’ll feel really good around 3p today – nice job this morning with no scale!

  5. Good job this morning everyone!
    I did not plan to workout and therefor did not ped egg. Jackie I blame you for this big rip on my hand!

  6. I hate that I missed this morning – sounds like the morning crew did it right! Way to go Sam with Rx’d pullups!

  7. yes! sam rx’d today – woo hoo!

  8. Yes we missed you Alison!
    Sam did great! No more band for her!

  9. Way to go Sam!

  10. Way to go Sam! Sounds like the PM crew has our work cut out for us… including me, seeing as how my muscles have turned to syrup over the weekend…

  11. Congratulations Sam! I remember when I stopped using the band for pull-ups…(only because I’m hard headed, not great at them or anything)

  12. Wow!!! Yay yay yay Sam!!!

  13. good job Sam…now the pressure’s on me!

  14. thanks guys!! Dont get to excited it was just one at a time :)…You can do it robyn..today was a good WOD to start with :)..good luck pm crew!

  15. Sam…they’re all one at a time. If anyone in our gym can go two pull ups at a time, I want to see it. :o)

  16. Nice job Sam…

  17. Great job Sam!

  18. p.s. alima, i did not make you to wod… but i bet you are so thankful you had the chance to do the whole thing 😀