WOD 09-22-2010

Run 400 M

Walking Lunge 400 M

Run 400 M

Please see the above post regarding this Saturday.  You must let me know by this afternoon if you plan to attend.  Please sign up at the gym or email/post on the site. 


  1. i am sorta looking forward to this… i’ll be there after practice.

  2. nice! new header on the site.

  3. Alima Deneke says:

    i’m still working on getting it sized correctly for the banner, but thanks Chuck 🙂
    Jackie and Alison did a great job creating it so if you guys like it make sure to tell them!

  4. Er… Brain…? The hospital’s web filter says: “The page you are trying to browse to is categorized as “Pornography”.”

  5. Yeah, I went to the link and now I’m packing up my cube as a security guard gives me the evil eye. I was that freaky naughty stuff you can’t send through the mail. Thanks Brain. Thanks a lot.

  6. LOVE LOVE THE NEW LOGO!!!! you guys did a great job. not LOVE LOVE LOVing tonight’s wod.

  7. ditto! good job ladies!

  8. awe, shucks… thanks – we make a great team 🙂

  9. The new logo looks great. When will the new t-shirts be available?