WOD 09-23-2011

Power Snatch 1-1-1-1-1

Deadlift 10-10-10-10 @ 60% 1RM

Run 3k

Lauren and Shane will be training tonight, be sure to come by and get your WOD on with them. 

In a somewhat cryptic message, I have learned that Ballz to the Wall (the CFR kickball team) lost the season opener last night.  I am unclear if it was a close one or a blood bath.  I fell like our our team probably won the drinking portion but lost the game portion.  I will post more details later. 


  1. lisa wilson says:

    We lost both portions of the game. Unfortunately not enough people were drinking. They didn’t get the memo it’s a booze fest. I would encourage our team to drink more next week and maybe the outcome will be a little better.

  2. Sorry to hear about the loss, but I bet you guys lost with amazing style!

  3. lisa wilson says:

    It was a good time. That was our geling together game. We’re going to rock it from here on out…

  4. Lisa, did you talk a lot of smack to the other team? I heard that Yoga Ron is a real playmaker. Glad to know that we were able to score at least 1 run. I feel sorry for the mound pounders next week, as I am sure that Ballz to the Wall will be looking for revenge.

  5. lisa wilson says:

    I was moved to 2nd base, so I didn’t get to catch and talk smack. I did stand in the baseline, so those jerks had to run around me. The embryonic cell did very good, made some nice plays. I took a ball to the face, but I did make the catch. The mound pounders have it coming next week. They don’t want a piece of this. I AM NOT losing 2 games in row!

  6. Mark and myself will be prepared to resurrect the team come next week

  7. That one is just too easy!

  8. Excuse me. We did *not* lose the game. Technically the game just wasn’t long enough. We ran out of time to come back. We got a good feel of how to make it work though, and we WILL dominate this week!

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